Schadenfreude-inspired laughs had at NavCan’s “Jet Set Pub”

So there you have it. LifeSite News banned. The Devil has exposed its fangs. The Star Chamber is drawing a line in the sand and digging in. Mr. Big’s bulldozer at the ready. In 2009 the CCCB was saying it wanted “frank and transparent dialogue” with LSN. Evidently, that was said to save public face, without intention of follow through if matters got to the guts. According to the Media Advisory, the Cornwall plenary “welcome[d]… accredited representatives from the media”.[29] Interesting that. Think for a second, if some politician barred a particular member of the media from a press conference. Bloody murder would be screamed from the rooftops. In expected fashion, Mr. Westen took the rejection with humility. He had driven for five hours to Cornwall and, right after attending Mass with the bishops at the NavCan Centre, was notified of the rejection by M. Laprise. Reportedly, an e-mail notification was sent to him on October 14, but wasn’t received, “lost in cyberspace” apparently. Nota bene: October 14 was a Friday, right before the weekend and just prior the first day of the plenary, Monday October 17. A dirty trick, downright nasty, wouldn’t you say? Just imagine the smirks emanating from the lads after Mass. Just imagine the schadenfreude-inspired laughs had at NavCan’s “Jet Set Pub” that night. Wonder if they toasted the event with a few bottles of Dos Equis – Stay thirsty, my friends. Corresponding perfectly to that beautifully vicious biblical phrase, what we have here is the situation of a dog returning to its vomit.

TH2 is in fine form.

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