Scamming Using the Catholic Name

An alleged world wide web of deceit using the Catholic name. It’s a business accused of ripping off thousands of dollars. It’s headquarters, right here in Bakersfield.

The business calls itself “The Global Leader in Catholic On-line Donations and Payments”, a sort of Catholic version of Paypal. But as we’ve discovered, they’ve been no pal to Catholic organizations stretching across the county and beyond, all in God’s name.

While the Pope is considered the head of the Roman Catholic Church, you might say this man, Michael Galloway is the head of the world’s largest Catholic based money transfer system on the Internet.

His websites, “Catholic Financial Services”, Catholic Online, Your Catholic Voice Inc. and Your Catholic Voice Foundation are the focus of a major lawsuit by the Kern County District Attorney’s office alleging years of deceptive or fraudulent business practices…. (Source)

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