Sayonara Socon

As I mentioned earlier during the month, Socon or Bust is folding up the tent.

The scheduled departure date is scheduled for Fri. Dec.23, 2011.

I’d like to offer a few clarifications, thoughts, and details about our imminent departure from the blogosphere.

1) Reasons for Departure – The natural assumption from some people when they see some someone pulling out from the public spot light is that some tragedy or scandal has happened.  I can tell you that nothing of the kind has happened to yours truly.  Everything is fine (family, work, health).  There’s just a lot of practical things I need to tend to as a father, son, and husband:  house renovations, aging parents, my kids religious formation (I want to develop an apologetics program for my girls), and I want to be a better husband too.  (My poor wife has suffered this fool for years while I engaged in taxing activism, and yet ironically she thinks I should keep going with this blog.)  I also plan to get more active in the pro-life underground with a little project here in Ottawa, as well as testing the waters for a Catholic Mens Group.

2) Not Good Bye, But Farewell –  Running an effective and popular blog is very time-consuming.  You have to be on the ball. You have to post regularly.  And sometimes you have to post within seconds.  I just can’t do that anymore with these other things on my plate.  I’m not a guy that does things halfway.  It’s full board or nothing.  Having said that, it would be a mistake for my opponents to think that this is a permanent departure. I’m leaving that decision to Providence.  And, of course, I will still be moderately active in the social conservative movement here in Ottawa and beyond.

3) Archive – Some of you have mentioned to me that I should keep Socon or Bust online for reference and research purposes.  There is, after all, over 5 years worth of work, some of it pretty good and insightful by yours truly and Steve G, if I do say so myself.  Initially, I was hesitant to do this since I might be tempted to simply continue blogging, but the benefits outweigh any drawbacks so I’m parking this blog’s content at this WordPress address:  After the 23rd, will also be directed to this wordpress address.

4) Unfinished Business –  There is still the matter of bringing Michael Voris to Ottawa and raising some money for a young Ottawa woman to attend a Pro-Life conference in Florida.  I’ll be posting information on these 2 items at the Legionnaires of St. Maurice website located here.

5) ContactIf any of you wish to contact me, you can do so by visiting the Legionnaires site.

Once again, many thanks for the gratitude and support Socon or Bust readers have provided us through the years.  We couldn’t have “busted” without you.

For Life and Against the Koolaid,


Merry Christmas

9 thoughts on “Sayonara Socon

  1. This was a real surprise, John. I will miss you, as I know a lot of others will. Your humourous and hard-hitting blog in support of truth has been something I looked forward to reading each time it came.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Dear John: Your reasons for retiring the blog are certainly good ones, but you will be missed.

    God bless you and your family—-I know that God will be with you, and may have other things in store f

    for you. Just trust in Divine Providence——–

    Merry Christmas to ;you and your family!!

  3. Thanks a mega million for all the hard work and enlightenment and you are doing the right thing and put your family first. Have yourself and your family a Holy Christmas.

  4. Dear John:
    One day, almost 10 years ago, my mpther-in-law said to me that when we go before the presence of God, we will be scrutinized and judge mainly with regards to the holy estate of the souls of our children and whether we did or did not do sufficient for the sake of their souls and the Glory of God.

    That made me think and I withdrew from many church related activities that were consuming most of my days: Lifeteen Core Member, Reader, Minister of the Holy Eucharist, etc. The days passed and the Church, like a vacuum, was taken more and more of my time. Then, after those words, I realized my main duty was with my in-world, my very own family despite of how much I liked doing those other activities I had to chose, and I chose the Will of God.

    I certainly believe you have taken a wise decision. May God bless you and many thanks for all the activism you have had over the years.


  5. John,
    Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog over the years. It has kept me informed on subjects I may never have known about. Also I’m convinced your work on the D&P scandal resulted in real (still ongoing) change. May God bless your future endeavors.

  6. I ask God to bless you and your family. Now,my question is why is it so difficult to reach you and other so important stations ? I am surprised to see an invitation to reply. I find it hard to cor-respond with many stations. I admit, at age 92, I don’t know much about computers.But I thought that Catholic stations would make it easy to contact. I realize that an old man is of little worth to smart people. But I try in my ways to evangelize openly, by praying weekly at a Mary-statue in downtown(good weather), started a procession by walking thru 4 streets praying a rosary. The 7th time others joined me;in 2008 a lady took over.made a fine Mai procession from one church to other church;there Marian-crowning; etc..I end, asking people to always receive on tongue,and aways kneel for Consecration. And again,may God bless you.

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