Saving Face, Collegiality, and Charity in Truth: The D&P Fallout

By John-Henry Westen and Steve Jalsevac (with files from Patrick Craine)

TORONTO, August 6, 2009 ( – The fallout from the tactics used by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) to ward off criticism of their funding of  groups involved in abortion advocacy has misled many laity, priests and even some bishops in Canada.  Even though the (LSN) reports have been taken seriously by bishops in Ontario, BC and elsewhere, several prominent clergy, believing the misinformation put out by D&P, have continued to defame LSN.  The most concerning assaults on LSN’s credibility have come from Winnipeg Archbishop James Weisgerber, the current President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).

A prominent priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto has accused of making “slanderous accusations” against D&P. Friar Rick Riccioli, OFM Conv., pastor of The Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure in Toronto and lecturer in pastoral counselling at St. Augustine Seminary in the Toronto School of Theology, wrote in a post on his blog that D&P was “under attack,” describing LSN as “a right-wing internet website that presents itself as supporting life.” 

While Fr. Riccioli did admit that the LifeSiteNews “concerns if true would have been shocking,” he accepted at face value the counter-claims of D&P and concluded that: “The explanation by D&P is credible and once again shows how people jump to conclusions. It also show [sic] how some so-called Catholic groups don’t know how to be in dialogue with others. In fact they are anti-Catholic, trying to muzzle the Church’s ability to enter into dialogue, to influence and to lead.” broke the story about D&P’s funding practices in March.  The reports were confirmed when, on May 28, the Bishops of Peru – after conducting an independent investigation – wrote a letterto the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) asking them to “stop funding pro-abortion groups in our country.”  LSN’s reports were further confirmed by Judie Brown of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who had hired an independent researcher to look into LSN’s evidence, and Priests for Life Canada, which after reviewing the evidence, urged the bishops to conduct an investigation independent of D&P.  

The limited investigation by the CCCB, involving high-level staff members of D&P itself, resulted in a report on June 29 claiming that the “allegations by Lifesite News” were “not founded on the facts.” 

In its detailed response to the CCCB report, LSN noted that the two bishops who authored the report were led in their investigations by three D&P officials, and never consulted with LSN.  The resulting whitewash report, while not directly attacking LSN, has erroneously left the impression that LSN slandered the Church in Canada. Or, as one Archbishop who was convinced by D&P put it, LSN’s accusations were “a malicious attack on this important and sacred work that the Catholic people in Canada do for the poor in the world through Development and Peace.”

Despite the fact that the investigative report, released on June 29, was authored by two bishops, certainly not all of Canada’s bishops were ready to shoot the messenger and resume business as usual with D&P. 

Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto, Canada’s largest diocese, issued his July 23rd response to the controversy indicating that he would, from now on, permit funds from the archdiocese to go only to groups approved by local bishops in the developing world.  Moreover, Archbishop Collins noted that future funding for D&P will be contingent on “thorough review” and “profound renewal” of D&P.

Since then, several bishops have indicated publicly and privately their support for Archbishop Collins’ resolution to the situation.

Archbishop Weisgerber revealed the contents of the investigation report on Salt + Light Television on  June 19, prior to releasing the report to the majority of Canadian Bishops on whose behalf he acts.  He used the opportunity to take jibes at LSN, and other Internet services which had revealed evidence of funding of pro-abortion groups by D&P. In a subsequent interview with Michael Swan of the Catholic Register, he stated: “These bloggers who claim to be more Catholic than anyone – I think first of all they’re not part of the church, they’re not Catholic in the sense that they have no mandate, they have no authority, they have no accountability. And they speak very, very definitively about what it means to be Catholic, and they’re followed by so many people.”

More recently, in a recorded television Interview (extensive comments about D&P begin at minute 12:35 into the half hour video) aired July 9 and hosted by Salt & Light CEO Fr. Tom Rosica, Archbishop Weisgerber again claimed that there is no evidence to support the allegation that D&P is funding partners who advocate for abortion.

Archbishop Weisgerber spoke of a vacuum in pro-life leadership in the country, being filled by “websites,” “which have a very specific way of looking at things, which I don’t think is really Catholic.”

In several interviews Archbishop Weisgerber has invoked the authority of the Catholic Church against those publishing the information about D&P and to legitimize a false denial of copious evidence already in the public domain.  See an LSN produced video on some of the evidence.

See all the LSN evidence here and on the LifeSiteNews Feature Page on the 2009 funding scandal.

In the interview with Fr. Rosica, Weisgerber put it this way: “It seems that when things appear on websites, they have a truth, simply because they’re there, and I mean I don’t know these websites, or who owns them, or to whom they are accountable.  In the tradition of the Catholic Church, it’s very clear that the teaching authority of the Church is the bishop. And I mean if the people do not trust the bishop or the bishops of a country, and prefer to trust some anonymous website, I mean we have a real crisis in understanding of what the Church is. Now I suppose those websites can play some role in tweaking consciences and in raising issues, but I don’t think we can give them the infallibility of truth.”

Even though smacking of clericalism, this line of argument (Catholic laity have defined rights in Church law regarding these situations) is having a serious effect. It is leaving people to assume either deliberate falsehood or profound ignorance on the part of the CCCB, or that perhaps LSN and various other agencies which have discovered and confirmed such evidence are somehow fabricating it all. 

Last week, Archbishop Weisgerber presented many of his same arguments on the D&P controversy to the entire Canadian contingent of leading Knights of Columbus at the Knights annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

After being urged to at least consider the LSN evidence Fr. Ricciolli, in a comment on his blog, said: “I have checked the LifeSite response to the Bishops’ Reports … I can see that the reports from LifeSite, if accurate would be very problematic. I am left with a dilema [sic]. Do I believe the Catholic bishops of Canada or not? To me, there’s not much of an option. I’ll stick with the bishops.”

LSN is grateful for the actions of Archbishop Collins and other bishops who are following the lead of the Toronto bishop. 

However, persistent denials coming from the President of the Conference of Bishops invoking the authority of the Church to back misinformation are creating a new scandal.

Regarding the highlighted section above, Archbishop Weisgerber is suggesting that TRUST IN THE BISHOP MUST BE ESSENTIALLY….BLIND.

Here’s what I say:  in today’s Catholic Church, trust is not presumed, it’s earned.

That’s a sad statement, but I submit it’s where we are in the Church today.  And the D&P fiasco is only one minor example in a string of scandals to rock the Church.

Stick with what the Church officially teaches on faith and morals.  That’s the only thing that Jesus promised would stand.  Everything else (including and especially money) and everyone else (priest or bishop) should get no free lunch in their pastoral directives or pronouncements.  Pastoral issues are not the same as doctrinal ones.  If the bishops don’t want to conform their practice and pastoral directives to what the Church teaches in its moral theology, then we are not bound IN GOOD CONSCIENCE to follow them.

Every time Archbishop Weisgerber or Fr. Tom Rosica opens their mouths to defend D&P, such occasions provide us all with additional stellar examples of their massive betrayal of trust in light of the overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence against Development & Peace.

If the evidence was hidden, I could understand their denials as a matter of tactic or strategy, however immoral it would still be.

But it’s all out there in the open for everyone to see!  That’s why I sometimes I think we are officially living in Alice In D&P Wonderland.

Who are you going to believe?  Some Canadian bishops who have a failed and largely immoral “social justice” legacy spanning 40 years to protect on the one hand,  or the Peruvian Bishops and your own eyes on the other hand?  It’s as simple as that.  Don’t drink the Koolaid, OK?


2 thoughts on “Saving Face, Collegiality, and Charity in Truth: The D&P Fallout

  1. This coruption in D&P is something that our Bishops can’t not know now. Reading Pope Benedict 16th’s writing proves he is very prolife. How far will this rot spread if not dealt with quickly. Pretending it is not there isn’t helping any. It is making a mockery out of our faith.

  2. Unfortunately, there are still many Catholics like Friar Rick Riccioli who feel that it is somehow wrong to denounce evil being committed by the clergy. That’s why scandals like the sexual abuse of children by priests can go on for so many years before being stopped.

    The sacrament of Holy Orders does not make the clergy perfect. Throughout the history of the Church, many priests and bishops have apostacized, even to the point of being excommunicated. The Church does not require the faithful to separate Faith from Reason. We are not called to blind servitude when our reason is confronted with a mountain of evidence.

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