Savage Brutes

After the death of a 14-year-old Baptist in Kulanak in central Kyrgyzstan, the local imam and a village mob prevented his burial in the village, even in land allocated two years earlier for Christian burials, local Baptists told Forum 18 News Service. A mob, some of them drunk, threatened the Isakov family and the police did nothing to protect them. Instead the police forced their way into the house, stole the body and buried it 40 kms (25 miles) away “in a disrespectful manner”, Baptists complained to Forum 18. Talay Jakypov of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Naryn Region told Forum 18 the decision not to allow the burial in the village came in writing from the district authorities. However, a spokeswoman for the Regional Administration denied this to Forum 18, saying “the whole village” was against the burial. “We need a stronger law putting a constraint on all kinds of religious sects. Only then would we not have such problems,” she added. Raya Kadyrova of the Foundation for Tolerance International says this is the latest of many such cases. She told Forum 18 the young boy’s right to choose his faith must be respected. “In this case the state institutions decided that their decision is more correct – this is absolutely wrong.” (Read more of this outrage here…)

The problem with the West is that, because it loves its hedonistic ways so much, it has to downgrade its Christian roots which condemn debauched living.  One way to do that is by claiming that all religions are equal.  Well, they’re not.  Islam is not morally equal to Christianity.  It’s not even close.  Not only was Muhammed a false prophet, Islam does not recognize a healthy separation of Mosque and State.  It doesn’t believe in religious freedom.  That’s a Western, Christian idea.

Two things for you to remember, dear reader:

1) The loss of religious freedom means the loss of civic freedom as well.  The more people who don’t believe in religious freedom, the more people who will take away your freedom – any freedom.

2) This all started with the sex games we started to play.  Christianity has been subverted, not because there is some kind of real intellectual or theological argument against it – although we’re good liars at trying to drum up reasons – but because we just can’t keep it in our pants.

2 thoughts on “Savage Brutes

  1. Because there is no concept of personal freedom or civil rights in the tribal life of seventh century Arabia , Islamic Law does not recognise freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly or the freedom of the press. This is why non-muslim Arabs are killed or raped and ill treated who live in Islamic countries.

  2. In the Quran Muslims are ordered in SURA 9 verse 5 to fight and slay infidels ( this includes non-Muslim Arabs) wherever you find them, beleager them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. SARA 5 verse 33 orders that their punishment is execution,or crucifiction, or cutting off hands and feet, or exile from the land. In Canada cutting off a persons hands and feet because he or she would not accept Islam is not yet happening.

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