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I haven’t had the time to follow too much of the fallout of Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise to national U.S. politics, but I thought I’d offer a few comments about it.

The first, of course, is the great irony of Sarah Palin’s ascendancy.  Here we have a Christian woman (who was baptized Catholic) and mother of 5 starting out on the PTA and making it as the Vice Presidential candidate of the most powerful nation on earth. Compare and contrast that to Hillary Clinton who has made a calculated career of going for president, only to be turfed by the liberal elites who thought she was not hip or liberal or black enough to assuage their collective self-loathing.  If this is not a smackdown to the rabid feministry we’re all used to hearing about, I honestly don’t know what is.    

Here is another huge point of irony.  Hillary Clinton road to challenging for the Democratic nomination on the back of a man, a man who would eventually betray her with a woman well under half her age in the “Oral office”.  And even after that, Hillary held it together for the sake of her political career and pressed on in order to obtain that long sought after presidential ring. Not only has she been denied thusfar, she’s has had to humiliate herself while depending on a man’s reputation for the trip.  On other hand, Sarah Palin is a self-made woman, hauling (mostly men’s) asses and kicking them when necessary for the sole objective of cleaning out the rot.  She did not make herself beholden to the pro-abort clique or feminist special interests which usually follow women into politics.  She is a true “woman of the people” who told her liberal male masters where to shove it when they weren’t playing by the rules.  And she lost her job over it — that shows something that very few politicians have today:  courage to quit or get sacked over a principle. One wonders what she could have made Bill Clinton into. As Father Raymond De Sousa put it…

She is something genuinely new. Unlike Senator McCain (22 years in the Senate) and Senator Biden (36 years in the Senate), she is not someone who has risen in politics by sheer longevity. Unlike Senator Obama, who accommodated himself to the seedy ethnoreligious politics of Chicago’s South Side in search of political preferment, she challenged he own corrupt party machine to advance. And unlike Senator Clinton– who, with her husband, never quite exits the stage — she achieved early success by defeating the old bulls who ran her state, not by marrying the hottest ticket in Arkansas. (Source)

For all the fluff of “Change” that the Obamanites have been feeding the American public, Sarah Palin represents more change than Obama could ever represent. 

And here’s another consideration that Obama’s handlers have to deal with:  you have to wonder how Palin’s nomination sits with Hillary’s Anti-Obama supporters.  Despite the whitewash attempted at the DNC last week, all is not forgiven between the two camps.  In fact, put yourself in the shoes of one of these jilted Hillary supporters. You hate Obama.  You hate him so much that you were thinking that John McCain wouldn’t be so bad.  If he beats Obama in November, then Hillary could have a shot again in 2012.   Next thing you know, the Republicans not the Democrats nominate a woman.  How humiliating is that?  The so-called progressive party still can get past the gender thing.  Maybe you don’t like Palin’s politics, but she is a woman after all with a woman’s perspective.  And then you start thinking forward to 2012 and the pressure the Democratic Party will be under to nominate a woman.  How is it going to look to have a woman VP for the Republicans and no female nominee as a Democrat?  Four years is not a long time to wait, and Hillary will be a shoe-in for the nomination because of Palin’s presence.  After all, how can the Democratic Party be upstaged yet again by by-passing a woman nominee?  It just can’t happen.  The chances of Hillary not being presidential nominee in 2012 are virtually nil, right?  Right.  So the question becomes:  is 4 years too much time to wait considering all of the effort and emotion invested into Hillary?  Nah.  The Clintonites will vote for McCain or stay home, and hope that Obama loses.  Palin’s ascendancy therefore takes on monumental proportions:  not that she will garner a double digit swing of women (or Obama’s supporters) to vote for her and McCain, but only that she might sway 3-4%.  And that might just be enough to win it for the Republicans.

I’m also hearing some pretty pathetic digs being directed at Palin.  Let’s look at a couple of them.

They’re saying that she doesn’t have any foreign policy experience and that’s a huge liability should she be required to fill the role of presidency.  Nobody ever asks what will happen to Obama if Joe Biden were to pass on to the next life. What would Obama do?  We’ll never know because Democrats never ask such questions about their Messiah. It’s against their religion. 

I think Mark Steyn said it well: 

Next to her resume, a guy who’s done nothing but serve in the phony-baloney job of “community organizer” and write multiple autobiographies looks like just another creepily self-absorbed lifelong member of the full-time political class that infests every advanced democracy. Second, it can’t be in Senator Obama’s interest for the punditocracy to spends its time arguing about whether the Republicans’ vice-presidential pick is “even more” inexperienced than the Democrats’ presidential one. (Source)

But just for laughs and to suffer these fools who come up with these “arguments” against Palin, let’s do a little analysis. If Sarah Palin were ever faced with the position of assuming the role of president and had to shore up her foreign policy acumen, she’d do precisely what Obama just did and appoint someone as VP who has that experience!  Just how would she be in any different position than Obama was when he appointed Biden?  Answer: none.

And then there have been the recent digs about her mothering skills with her Down Syndrome child or the out-of-wedlock grandchild her daughter had.  I know what you’re thinking folks: these Demon-crats have balls the size of the grand canyon to make such outrageous remarks considering that both children would been burning in some abortuary’s incinerator if Democrats were acting out on their “choices”.  We all know that such questions are not above the paygrades of these Democrats. They know exactly what they’d do.  Besides, taking tips on how to raise your family from liberal Democrats is kind of like dropping your kid off with Larry Flint and expecting him to teach your daughter about modesty.

Unlike Obama who has served as Senator for 4 years, much of the time of which has been spent campaigning for the Democratic nomination, Palin actually worked her way up through the food chain showing her political and organizational metal, proving her abilities, cleaning up the corruption where she met it, and actually governing one of Obama’s 57 States.  Instead of hustling race to get to her position, like the aforementioned Messiah, she was hustling the hustlers out of political office.

Let’s hope that in November, Americans see the McCain ticket as the only viable and sane one.  There are enough sharks in Washington.  Let’s send in the barracuda.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Barracuda

  1. First, do no harm, but really…. Read this:

    Furthermore, when you have a quote from Mark Steyn calling community organization a “phony-baloney” job, it’s crystal clear you never really got George W. Bush’s call for “volunteerism” as a way of helping your neighbor, which is what Obama was doing. You are so incredibly naive re community, it is no wonder you have a POW who is “tetched” in the head running for president and a mother who can’t control herself or her children running for Vice President. And yet you still find the time and energy to blame everything on “liberals.”

  2. The reason there are so many digs being directed at Palin is because there is a rich, deep mine with lots of potential. My god, where to start? The next few months are going to provide much fun, particularly when the digs hit gold.

    You can tell the Repugnicans is worried about this; they’re keeping Caribou Barbie in the display case.

    “political and organizational metal?” Ha, yes, exactly that. Guns, anyways.

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