Santa Barbara shooter also came from broken family

We pray for the victims and families of the latest mass shooting in the US.

While the media side-steps the tough questions, we can’t fail to point out that this shooter, like almost every other before him, came from a broken family.

No wonder he couldn’t talk to his parents about it. They had been divorced when he was seven – a moment which he fingered as the beginning of his inner torment. But his father – who worked in Hollywood films – quickly found another girlfriend. This seems to have warped Rodgers’ view of women, sexuality and relationships. “Males who can easily find female mates garner more respect from their fellow men, even children,” he wrote. “How ironic is it that my father, one of those men who could easily find a girlfriend, has a son who would struggle all his life to find a girlfriend.”

Behind the deluded self-pity, it seems clear that Elliot Rodger was a lonely youngster starved for a father and shaken to the core by his parents’ divorce. A curious boy who had no one to talk to about the facts of life. A sick teenager who had no one to guide him through adolescent temptations.

It’s a familiar story. Most of the men on the never-ending list of rampage killers in the Unites States came from homes where the parents were divorced or separated. Predictably, their own relationships were fraught as well. Here are a few of the latest tragedies:

John Zawahiri, 23, killed five people in Santa Monica in 2013 near and on the campus of a state college. His parents had been separated for years.

In December 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, killed his mother, six staff at a Connecticut primary school, and 20 school children before shooting himself. His parents were divorced.

Also in December 2012, 22-year-old Jacob Roberts ran amok in a Portland, Oregon, shopping mall. He killed two people with an automatic rifle before committing suicide. He had never known his mother and was raised by a divorced aunt and her husband who shared custody of him.

Wade Page was a white supremacist who shot six Sikhs dead in Milwaukee before being killed by a police officer earlier in August 2012. His parents were divorced.

In October 2011 a California man, 41-year-old Scott Evans Dekraai walked into his ex-wife’s hair salon and shot her and seven other people dead. His parents were divorced.


7 thoughts on “Santa Barbara shooter also came from broken family

  1. But what about the many people who come from divorced homes, or worse than divorced homes, who never hurt anybody? Why focus on the ones who hurt people and ignore the ones who don’t? Not only does this unfairly stigmatize those who are already struggling, but it could backfire on us from a pro-life point of view. If a big flap is made about violence done by those from broken homes, pro-aborts will use this against women in crisis pregnancies in a quest to push them into unwanted abortions.

  2. Children and Divorce
    Divorce provides children, with a double dose of stress. The first occurs immediately following the parents divorce ,when many children feel angry, resentful and depressed. 75% of divorced mothers and 80% of divorced fathers remarry. Data amassed from 92 studies suggest that this double stress does leave its mark on children. Compared with children who grew up in intact families, children of divorce grow up with a diminished feeling of well being. As adults they are more likely to divorce and less likely to say they are “very Happy.”

    This information is available in university Psychology Textbooks. Pro-aborts and Kinsey Sex Educators can easily get this information. We live in a disposable culture and feel the pain of those suffering, because of no-fault divorce, and legalized Kinsey Sex Education as a so-called human right.

  3. Hi Sweet Marmot,

    Nobody is stigmatizing children from divorced families. They are victims, not criminals, unless they subsequently commit a crime.

    Fortunately, such acts of violence are a rare occurrence among these children. There are plenty of other problems among these children that are not rare, however, so we can’t overlook the harm divorce is causing society.

  4. Not just that the God given institution of the family is being deconstructed, but Elliot Rodger was of mixed racial heritage, neither white nor Oriental, but both, and thus without a cohesive tribe. At the same age, 22, George Washington was leading his fellows in war. He had meaningful work. Poor, sad Elliot Rodger was seemingly without purpose or focus, save dreaming that a blonde woman would save him. What a waste of life, but how can there be purpose without God, family and tribe? Can’t. And hence, the world we live in.

    • In the Canada of my youth students started school with the Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers, even mixed race students, because their parents and grandparents stayed politically active to keep it that way. The Ten Commandments were on Schoolroom, Courtroom, Government Walls and in peoples hearts, including mixed race peoples hearts. Laws in this democracy are made by your elected politicians who pass Bills into law that everyone has to live by, including students starting with kindergarteners. Therefore to be politically apathetic and indifferent is Diabolical, don’t you think?

      • Hi Citizen, my point about Elliot Rodger’s mixed race parentage is simply that racial groups are extended families.

        I think I am stating the obvious that children who are of mixed races will not have an alliance with two diverse “extended families”. They probably will struggle with which “extended family” to identify and will have identity issues.

        I don’t think minimizing the impact is helpful and falls into the camp that “any two (or three, etc.) loving parents can raise a child”. Children deserve to know who their people are. Race matters.

        I love my European heritage. Everyone naturally identifies with their family.

        • Helen have you looked at Lifesitenews where a young woman on video is giving justification for abortion on demand. This is the way Canadian, and European Governments are Politically indoctrinating our youth in schools Today.

          Many Canadians and Europeans have Christians from different races marry into their families. I am proud of my Christian European daughter in laws. I am also proud of their dedication to the REAL Jesus.

          Many of my Christian friends, have Christian son and daughter in laws of different races. How many Catholic weddings have you attended lately? You know how I am against the Political abortion, homoseuality, Kinsey Sex Education indoctrination of our society,starting with kindergarteners. Political apathy and indifference of our society has caused this. Helen you don’t sound like a citizen of New Jerusalem. Christianity matters more than anything. You Helen are a racist. Hitler was one also. Is that the heritage you are talking about?

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