Sanctions Coming Back In Vogue…

…and this will be the guy to apply them.

Ladies and gentlemen,  I present to you the next Pope.

“…The Church’s chief justice also believes that there is a direct correlation between “the hesitation” in applying canonical penalties in recent decades and “the abuses and the violation of Church law” that have occurred in liturgical areas. Such penalties, he explained, are “firstly medicinal,” aimed at “getting a person’s attention to the gravity of what he is doing and to call him back.” The penalties are needed,” he said. “If in 20 centuries of the life of the Church there was always the need for sanctions, why in our century should we suddenly think they are not necessary? This is also absurd.”” (Source)

Poor Cardinal Burke…didn’t he get the memo about being sufficiently pastoral?  That’s not very modern!

Pray that Burke is elected after a long reign of our wonderful Benedict.  It will represent the final nail in the coffin for the Spirit of Vatican II and the namby mampy episcopal heritage which it spawned.  All of the rainbow clerics waiting for a return of the distortion of Vatican II won’t have any more cards to play.  The game will be up and there will be new players around the table…thanks be to God.

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