2 thoughts on “San Fran Archbishop stuns diocese by revealing he’s Catholic

  1. Saint Paul instructed us to pray without ceasing in this fallen world we are in.He also told us what to do to have wholesome families and society.In democracies this means to insure righteous politicians are elected,so they will pass wholesome Bills into Law,and use the notwithstanding clause to prevent Judicial Tyranny.My Grandfather and parents and their society made politically sure children were instructed righteously in schools,by government decree.What hinders you?Political apathy and indifference leads to worldview changes, where children are perverted in schools by adult teachers and homosexual activists.My contemporaries were led in The Lord’s Prayer in Canada by their school teachers,where the righteous teachers could apprentice them to become moulders of healthy dreams.

  2. Righteous Catholic Bishops are persecuted in former Christian Democracies,but now Pagan Western Democratic Countries,especially the so-called “neutral” Secular Variety,which prove to be diabolical in Government,Law,Education and Entertainment.Secular Catholic Bishops are praised by The Secular Pagan Governments,Courts,Educators and people,and the popular secular media,thus no so-called “neutral”Secular Pagans protest outside their edifices of worship.

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