Fides = Faith and the Roman Patron-Client Relationship

Mark Bonocore explores the relationship between the patronus (patron) and his clientia (clients) in ancient Roman society, and how it illustrates the cultural mentality of someone like St. Paul (and that of his Roman audience) when expressing himself in the Epistle to the Romans. (Bonocore – 20KB – 13.10)

Shakespeare, Hamlet, and a Jab at Sola Fide

One of the most commonly-quoted Shakespearean lines may, in fact, be an intended, but well-disguised, jab at Luther’s error of sola fide – that is, faith alone.  (Bonocore – 20KB – 11.08)

Justification Apart From Sanctification Cannot Save

Art Sippo makes it clear to his correspondent that Protestant objections to temporal punishment are not biblical.  (Sippo – 20KB – 11.07)

Justification: Contrasting the Catholic and Protestant Positions 

How does God justify us to enter heaven?  On this issue of Justification, 16th century Reformers broke away from the Catholic Church.  Wibisono Hartono compares the Catholic teaching on Justification with the position of Protestants and Bible Only Christians.  (Hartono – 20KB – 09.12)

Born Again – The Biblical Way

Are you “born again”? Evangelicals and Catholics are often at odds over how to answer this question – and what it really means in the first place.  Staff Apologist Robert Klaus offers this concise explanation of how the Bible defines the term “born again” and how Evangelicals and Catholics often talk past each other! (Klaus – 16KB – 06.03)

An Analysis of Romans 9:10-24

Art explains the Catholic position regarding this hyper Calvinist proof text. Very good and very informative. (Sippo – 19KB – 04.09)

Catholic Atonement

Mark Bonocore gives us a brief overview of the Catholic understanding of Our Lord’s atonement, while contrasting it to the heretical classical Protestant view. (Bonocore – 7KB – 04.03)

The Atonement of Christ

In this excellent yet concise article, veteran Catholic Apologist Art Sippo gives an excellent overview on the basic differences between Catholicism and classic Protestantism in the understanding of Christ’s atonement. (Sippo – 20KB – 04.02)

Calvinism, Catholicism, and Salvation

Wibisono Hartono provides a good primer on the differences between Calvinism and Catholicism. He cites authoritative texts and meshes in Scripture to make the Catholic case. A good piece for beginners. (Hartono – 99KB – 03.04)

A Response to Robert Sungenis on “Works of the Law”

Art responds to Robert Sungesis’ position on the Pauline “Works of the Law”. (Sippo – 41KB – 02.11)

Not By Faith Alone

A tract against salvation by faith alone. (Pacheco – 12KB – 02.01)

Assured Salvation?

A tract on assured salvation. (Pacheco – 12KB – 02.01)

Sin of Presumption

Are you saved? Of course not. You’re Catholic! You would not presume to be irrevocably saved, especially when the bible does not teach such a deadly doctrine. Share the saving truth of our Christian responsibility with a Protestant friend by pointing them in this direction. (Pacheco – 116KB – 98.11)

Roman Justification

This articles discusses some of the central questions regarding St. Paul’s views of justification, particularly the phrase “works of the law”. Each chapter is examined. (Pacheco – 113KB – 98.11)



Dialogue with a Dispensationalist

Visiting apologist Robert Klaus makes short work of the dispensationalist error in approaching the Scriptures. He ably exposes the untenable Dispensational hyper reliance (and distortion) of St. Paul’s teachings. (Klaus – 30KB – 05.06)

The Fathers and the Return of the Jews Fellow Traditionalist, Mark Cameron, takes on CAI’s president, Robert Sungenis, and his contention that Catholic Tradition does not support a future return of the Jews. On the contrary, Mark shows that there is ample patristic proof to suggest that such events may indeed occur. At the very least, we believe that our good friend Robert Sungenis should cut us a little bit of slack on this issue.

Rescuing Romans from the Reformers Again

Some time ago, Martin Foord, Lecturer in Systematic and Historical Theology at Trinity Theological College (Perth, Australia) replied to Jacob Michael’s article on the Book of Romans. Despite Jake’s fine rescue effort the first time, Mr. Foord did not hang on to the life preserver. We hope that he avails himself of the one thrown to him this time. (Pacheco – 80KB – 03.02)

The Punishment Challenge

In 1 Timothy 3:6, St. Paul gives the Church this advice: “He must not be a recent convert, or he may be puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil…” Tell us how a recent convert (i.e. a believer) can fall into the condemnation of the devil if he cannot lose his salvation? (Pacheco – 14KB – 02.07)

The Obedience Challenge

In John 3:36, Jesus says this: “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God rests upon him.” Why does Jesus use “obey” and “believe” interchangeably? Why does Jesus put a condition on eternal life by requiring obedience? If He does, how does that impact the doctrine of an irrevocable salvation? (Pacheco – 25KB – 02.04)

Saving Faith Catholic Style

Faith without works is dead. Works are a necessary part of justification. (Sippo – 16KB – 00.00)

Not By Faith Alone

While the autodemolition of Protestantism just keeps rolling on, this dialogue certainly helps understand why heresies like salvation “faith alone” are so unbiblical. (Sippo – 29KB – 00.00)

Christ Alone & Scripture Alone

Art Sippo takes on “Bible Bill”‘s false understanding of “alone”. Learn how Scripture is not alone and neither is Christ. (Sippo – 15KB – 00.00)

Sippo vs. White on Justification

Sippo and White exchange a few remarks on the differences between Catholic and Protestant justification. Sippo provides a wealth of Scripture to support the Catholic view. White relies on extra-biblical authorities. (Sippo – 85KB – 98.06)

Protestant Justification and Dispensationalism Refuted (2 Parts)

The Protestant view of justification along with the dispensational view are readily defeated in this very lively and lengthy discussion. A wealth of Scriptural evidence provided. (Sippo – 140KB – 98.03)

Assured Salvation

John’s very first poke at Apologetics. Read John’s interaction with a “Bible Christian” on his assured salvation. (Pacheco – 52KB – 97.06)



Justification Debate

Back in 1991, Art Sippo and James White debated the issue of Justification. Listen to this debate and learn why Mr. White refuses to debate Art again. Requires Real Audio. (Sippo – 90 min. – 91.06).



Are Catholics saved? (Pacheco)

Hating God by Sinning? (Pacheco)

What’s the difference between sanctification and justification? (Sippo)

Does Romans 10 teach a rigorist view of salvation? (Pacheco)

Justified before men or God? (Sippo)

Does Catholicism teach original sin? (Sippo)

Loss of Salvation? (Sippo)

Can a Catholic have peace about salvation? (Sippo)

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