Salt + Light TV: Subversion of the Church’s Witness

IV. ITEM THE SECOND / HERMENEUTIC OF DISCONTINUITY. Carrying on with the fantastical world of blog posts at Canada’s “Catholic Channel of Hope”, there’s a recent commentary on Vatican II wherein we read [TH2 emphasis]:

It is important for Catholics today to hear this [sic] affirmation of the Second Vatican Council. It certainly was a great grace to the Church in the 1960’s considering, not only the many social and cultural shifts which had taken place globally since Vatican I (1869-70), but also the breaking of a long-standing mentality of authoritarianism within the Church itself. The result of the Council was a great paradigm shift in the Church’s relationship to the world and its peoples, emphasizing dialogue and communion. Today it may be worth asking why those documents, which are so revolutionary in nature and filled with the Spirit, have not been consistently and zealously implemented at every level of the Church over the past half century.[2]

Because the “revolution” that came out of Vatican II was from Hell and its spirit was nothing less than demonic, as anyone who is sober and still Catholic will tell you.  What is becoming increasingly obvious, however, is that Salt + Light is becoming Fr. Tom Rosica’s mouthpiece for furthering heterodox ideas about Catholic teaching and giving cover and promotion for theologians who are being blocked by the Vatican because of their liberal positions.

One thought on “Salt + Light TV: Subversion of the Church’s Witness

  1. I would like to make clear that the problem is not Vatican II itself, it is the widespread misrepresentation of Vatican II. I bet many “progressive”, modernist Catholics don’t know (and would hate to find out) that Vatican II referred to abortion as a “grave crime”.

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