Guadalupe’s Acheiropoietos

The origins and existence of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Tilma is shrouded in great mystery.  Given the years of  scientific study devoted to the Image, it should now be clear to anyone with an open mind that it is the handiwork of God Himself.

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Dead Man Bone’s Stir Us to Everlasting Life
Father Carlos Martins has, in the words of one nun, “a most unusual kind of ministry”.  You see, Fr. Martins collects pieces of dead people for a living.  He is a relic collector for the Catholic Church.  I’ve known of Fr. Martins through his association with the Companions of the Cross, but I never knew he had this most amazing ministry until March, 2008 when I had the good pleasure of attending one of his relic presentations at my local parish.  He brought about 150 of his 900 piece collection with him, too.  In this article,, he provides a brief explanation of the Catholic teaching on relics and shares some of his incredible personal journey of where the relics have led him.

The Jesus Evidence and the Veil of Veronica
The universal and generally received truth is that the mainstream media cannot be trusted.  They can’t be trusted to provide a credible and truthful account of reality, even more so when that reality concerns religion.  Love One Another provides another example of the glossing-over of another proof of Christianity’s claims – The Shroud of Manoppello or “Veronica’s Veil” (as it is also called).

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? – The Principal Reasons Why St. James the Just Could Not Possibly Be the Literal Brother of Jesus Christ
Mark Bonocore cuts down liberal academia’s pretensions about Mary’s virginity by defending the traditional Catholic view of this ancient doctrine. Mark proposes new insights for the Catholic Apologetics community which will serve the Church’s apologia for the semper virgo.

The Graceful Bridge: How Commonly Held Christian Beliefs Explain and Defend the Catholic Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception
Guest apologist Robert Klaus provides this excellent explanation on Mary’s Immaculate conception by answering a common Protestant objection. Simply brilliant.

The Four Marys
Mark Bonocore examines the “four Mary’s” who are present during Our Lord’s crucifixion in order to dismiss the baseless speculation that Jesus’ “brothers” were “sons of Mary”.

Sign of Eternal Life
One of the verifiable and genuine signs that God’s blessing is with the Catholic Faith is the overwhelming evidence of miracles wrought by God through His Saints. In this examination, Fr.Piotrowski of Love One Another magazine recounts some of that evidence in detail.

Does Virgin Mary Deserve the Title “Queen of Heaven”?
Wibisono Hartono provides our readers with a short research paper into the significance of the Gebira in the Old Testament, showing why Catholics consider Mary the Queen of Heaven.

Immaculate Conception, Assumption, and Queenship
Mark Bonocore traces the historical and the biblical support for these three wonderful Marian doctrines.

What the Bible Says About Mary’s Virgnity
Mark Bonocore provides a cogent and strong biblical and patristic case for Mary’s perpetual virginity. Read how he pieces together various biblical passages to show how the Catholic dogma on Mary is the truth.

Heavenly Witnesses to the Catholic Faith
Throughout the centuries, the saints and their miracles have witnessed to the authenticity of the Catholic Faith. After all the theological and apologetical banter is finished, it’s time to “show us the money”. When that time comes, it is the Catholic Church that has the treasures of eternal life. Read one convert’s testimony on how St. Cuthbert brought him into the fullness of the truth.

Mary in The Passion of the Christ
Art Sippo offers his review of Mel Gibson’s film from a Marian perspective. The film was, after all, laced with Marian themes and motifs that no Catholic could really miss. Art offers some of his insights on some of these Marian influences.

The False Assumption of Protestants Regarding the True Assumption of Mary
Frank Jerry provides a concise explanation of the Catholic teaching on the Assumption of Mary, providing Scriptural support that this dogma does not, as some Protestants allege, contradict the Scriptures.

A Reformed View of Mary’s Perpetual Virginity
Dr. Paul Owen offers our viewers an excellent reminder of the constant Christian witness to Mary’s perpetual virginity. He also touches on something that has intrinsic value in itself: virginity.

Heõs Hou Controversy

Before Our Lord’s Birth and After It, Mary is…Virgin Still As many faithful Catholics are painfully aware, the Church’s doctrines are always under attack by Her enemies. When the attacks are veiled by an air of scholarly research and presentation, they can become a source of doubt to some Catholics or a stumbling block to those wishing to become Catholic. In recent years, Eric Svendsen of New Testament Research Ministries has taken aim at the Catholic Church’s teaching about Mary and in particular her perpetual virginity. He has even written a book entitled Who is My Mother? – The Role and Status of the Mother of Jesus in the New Testament and Roman Catholicism, attacking the Church’s teaching about Mary and her virginity. This is a book which has such a veneer of scholarly research and professional detachment. It is, in fact, neither. In order to convince Catholics that Our Lady lost her virginity, Svendsen utilizes the conspicuous until in Matthew 1:25. Instead of focusing on the traditional Protestant polemic surrounding ‘until’, he concentrates on a particular Greek grammatical construction for the ‘until’ in Matthew 1:25. It is alleged that this Greek phrase in question, heõs hou for the uninitiated, proves that Mary did indeed lose her virginity. It is my pleasure to release a thorough refutation of this claim, presented below and entitled Heõs Hou and the Protestant Polemic. It will hopefully shatter all pretense and veiled legitimacy of this argument, which, for too long now, has been floating around cyberspace with impunity. The Heõs Hou polemic is now over – for good.

John Pacheco Director, The Catholic Legate Dedication Day: Christmas A.D. 2003 Feast of the Birth of Our Lord


Communion of All Saints

Just in time for Halloween, staff apologist, John Pacheco, offers this biblical defense for the Catholic doctrine of praying to the saints in heaven. Before speaking to our Protestant brethren about the Blessed Mother, it’s a good idea to first use this doctrine as a foundation.

James, Joseph, and the “Brother of Jesus”
As many people are already aware, a recent archeological discovery, confirmed by the Biblical Archeological Review, has confirmed the inscription outside an ancient ossuary (an ancient limestone box containing the bones of a deceased person) which reads: “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”, and further that this particular ossuary may indeed refer to the New Testament James who is also called “brother of Jesus.” Now, for some strange reason, our Protestant friends are just buzzing with euphoria about the possible implications this has to Mary’s perpetual virginity, but our Director John Pacheco sees no reason for them to get so excited about it, and pulls the plug on the party. In this short article, you can learn how he does it.

Redeemed by a Woman
Mary’s role in redemption is central to the Christian Gospel. Since it was through her womb that the Saviour came, she provided the flesh which would redeem the world.

Saved by the Fruit of a Womb
Catholic doctrines are intrinsically linked together so that an attack on one is attack on the other, and in the strength of one is found the strength of another. In this simple chart, staff apologist John Pacheco shows the relationship between the Eucharist and Mary.

Spouse of the Spirit
Catholic Apologist, Chris Muha, has challenged Eric Svendsen’s misapplication of the Catholic teaching of Mary being the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Click above to read how Chris adeptly turns the tables on Mr. Svendsen.

The Perpetual Virginity of Mary
A tract on the perpetual virginity of Mary.

The Veneration Due to Mary and the Saints
A tract on the veneration due to Mary and the Saints.

Aliusmodi Christus
An open letter to Eric Svendsen regarding certain Christological questions surrounding the title “Mother of God”. Shows how to deny Mary as Mother of God is to worship another Christ.

The Fall of the New Helvidius
A rebuttal of Eric Svendsen’s arguments against Mary’s perpetual virginity. Has Svendsen been careless in his research or has he purposely misled people? Read this comprehensive 41-page rebuttal and then say a prayer for Svendsen.

White Man Can’t Jump
James White never seems to let up his attack on Our Lady. Well, his latest work isn’t too much to get excited about, unless, of course, you are a Catholic Apologist eager to expose the flawed reasoning and poor exegesis. See how John easily puts down the arguments presented.

Monkey Business, Angels and Apologetics
This piece provides a personal encounter with an angel along with a little background on the Catholic teaching on them.

Queen of Truth, Queen of Heaven
Discover the truth about Mary, and share the glorious truths of Scripture with a Protestant friend! Hey, the Old Testament is just oozing with Marian allusions.



The Latreia/Dulia (worship/veneration) debate (Albrecht vs. Turretinfan)

Does the New Testament Teach the Veneration of Mary? (Albrech vs. Turretinfan)



Pagan Misconceptions About Catholic Saints
Bonocore calls the bluff of someone who just likes to blow a lot of hot air. Is this the best that pagans have to offer? How disappointing.

The Necessity of the Immaculate Conception
Mark Bonocore explains the necessity of Mary’s Immaculate Conception in this short but enlightening dialogue.

A Confused Christology
Mark Bonocore answers the silly and pedestrian charges about the Catholic Church assigning the title of “Spouse of the Holy Spirit” to the Blessed Mother. Read how the title is correctly applied and the mess our opponents get into when they deny it! Devastating.

Praying to Mary
Frank Jerry provides some quick yet effective answers as to why Catholics pray to Mary.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Staff Apologist, John Pacheco, went “undercover” to expose and refute the Anti-Marian agenda of some former Roman Catholics. Using the board handle of “Mathias1”, John secretly slipped into NTRMin’s public discussion board just before “Dr. Eric” and crew required positive ID for board members. After a few rather light discussions with board participants, “Dr. Eric” weighed in against “Mathias1” by beguiling his followers with a rather long and seemingly impressive response against Her Majesty. Click on the link above, and find out why John has been knighted with the title “License to Refute”!

The Voice of Mary
The Power of Her Voice: A dialogue between John Pacheco and various Protestants on Catholicism’s elevation of Mary. Read how Protestantism’s view of Mary cannot handle what Scripture reveals about the Blessed Mother.

The Nestorius Challenge
Read John Pacheco’s challenge to Protestants who reject the title “Mary, Mother of God”.

Mary: Seventh Day Misconceptions
Typical Protestant objections to the veneration paid to Our Lady are answered. Shows how biblically strong the Catholic view is.



Kecharitomenae (Bonocore)

Mary’s Perpetual Virginity & Gen. 2:24 (Sippo/Bonocore)

Mary’s Sinless Nature (Bonocore)

Does “Almah” mean Virgin? (Sippo)

Is there any way that Jude is the Son of James, the Brother of the Lord? (Bonocore)

Is there evidence of Christians invoking the Saints in the Catecombs? (Bonocore)

Why ask Mary to pray for us when we have Jesus? (Pacheco)

Why not just conceive Jesus immaculately without involving Mary? (Pacheco)

Must we go through Mary? (Pacheco)Are we saved through Mary? (Pacheco)

What patristic evidence do you have for Mary’s Assumption? (Bonocore)

Can you explain what the Catholic Church means by Communion of Saints? (Donahue)

In Genesis 3:15, who will crush the head of the serpent? (Various)

Why didn’t the writers of the NT use “suggenes”/”sungenis” instead of “adelphos”? (Pacheco)

Is it absurd to believe Mary & Joseph were chaste? (Pacheco)

How could Jesus “grow in wisdom” if He was God? (Pacheco)

Does Mary’s maternity end with her death? (Pacheco)

Is the Rosary Vain Repetition? (Sippo)

Does Hebrews 12 Attest To The Communion of Saints? (Sippo)

Do Mary’s Parents Have To Be Immaculately Conceived Too? (Sippo)

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