Sacrificing for what?

Picking up on this story by Ezra Levant,  we all now have an appreciation of what we are up against.   We’re either fighting the real Taliban in Afghanistan or their speech brethren here in this country. They are not unrelated either.  They both seek to muzzle opinion that breeches their particular brittle religions which brook no dissent.  Although social liberalism and islamic talibanism appear at first glance to be miles apart, they are not.  They share this central belief:  no critical opinion is permitted and any that is offered is punished mercilessly by the State.  True, the Taliban may use means that are more vigorous, but it’s generally the same sentiment all around. 

Liberals hate any kind of war even just wars because it makes them face up to the fact that people will die in the service of their family and their country.  It reminds them that life is not just one big orgasm and indeed sacrifice is required and has meaning. 

A soldier will die for his woman. He will die for his children and his family. He will die for his friends and his fellow citizens who are supporting and sacrificing for him.

For me, if it came to it, I would do the same because I have a family. 

But a liberal?

Liberals won’t die for anything because they know deep down in their souls that what they believe in is not worth dying for.

5 thoughts on “Sacrificing for what?

  1. Darwin’s theory can not be proven by geology, paleontology, biology, anthropology or biochemistry.

    Darwin’s survival of the fittest and the superior race dastroys the inferior people has become the religion that worships man, him or herself. The Man-god.

    The freedoms we enjoy here in Canada and most of the western world have came from the justice of the Bible’s ten commandments.

    Now with politically correct moral relitivism and the state imposed religion of Humanism that is protected by blasphemy laws all moral judgements have become arbitrary here in our Canada.

    The result of this is as follows. Population projections according to Statistics Canada. Canada’s population is aging fast and senior citizens would outnumber children in a decade. The projections show by 2011 senior citizens would account for 25 percent of our total population and continue to grow.

    We are not trousered apes but humans. We should start loving our unborn children instead of murdering them by the millions.

    The fetus is your baby. You are responsable for your actions.
    Pro-choice kill, pro-life nurture .

    If we don’t change our own country’s morality how can we judge islam for brainwashing their young people into becoming human bombs and killing infidels and then going to Allah’s paradise? Sura 9:5.

  2. Islam and the treatment of women : I don’t get our CBC and the Canadian popular media doing a ” TV SPECIAL ” on the treatment of women in Islamic countries, and then wanting our government to sit down and reason politely with Islamic Dictators. Dictators don’t change Islamic law because it gives them ultimate power unless of course they are forced to.

    What an illiterate, nomadic tribeswoman wore in the desert of seventh-century Arabia is mandated by Islam as the dress code for Muslim women today in every nation. To be covered from head to foot to protect yourself from the desert sun is both practical and understandable if you are living in a desert , but to impose such desert garb on women everywhere is a form of cultural imperialism.

    The Quran states in Sura 4:34: Men are managers of the affairs of women. …Those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches and scourge them.

    The denial of civil rights to women which is clearly in the text of the Quran itself is reflective of seventh-century Arabian culture and its low view of women. Even today, Muslim women can be kept prisoners in their own home. They can be denied the right to go outside the house if the husband so orders.

    Islam is a distinctively Arabian cultural religion. Unless this is firmly grasped, no real understanding of Islam is possible. Unless this fundamental point is understood, Canadian people will never understand why Muslims think and act the way they do.

    Clearly the religions of Darwinian Humanism and Islam are mental constructs imposed on the people by the state and protected by blasphemy laws.

  3. Arab Islamic Law: Muhammad took the political laws which governed seventh-century Arabian tribes and made them into the laws of Allah.
    In such tribes the sheik, or chief, had absolute authority over those under him. There was no concept of civil or personal rights in seventh-century Arabia. The head of the tribe decided whether you lived or died. This is why Islamic countries are ruled by dictators or “strong men” who rule as despots.

    Democracy has never flourished in Arab nations because of the religion of Islam. Iran is an example of what happens to a nation when the Islamic clergy take over the government. The despots of the Ottoman Empire, and present dictators of Islamic countries are merely examples of seventh-century Arabian tyranny transplanted into modern times.

    Because there was no concept of freedom or civil rights in the tribal life of seventh-century Arabia, Islamic law does not recognize freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, or freedom of the press. This is why non-Muslim citizens are routinely denied the most basic civil rights. It is important to note that not all citizens of Muslim countries are Muslims, and the ones who are not are persecuted.

    Not all citizens of Politically Correct Relativist Darwinian Humanist Canada are Humanists, and the ones who are not are persecuted.

  4. Jesus did not take any man’s wife to be his wife, but ALLAH’S prophet Muhammad did.

    Muhammad’s son Zaid had married a beautiful woman. Muhammad asked Zaid to divorce his wife and give her to him. Zaid and his wife refused such an outrageous request.

    Faced with the refusal of Zaid and his wife to disolve their marriage, Muhammad had a “CONVENIENT” revalation from ” ALLAH “, which not only commanded Zaid to give his wife to Muhammad but also decreed that there was no evil in a father-in-law taking his daughter-in-law for a wife. This reminds me of Canada’s no fault divorce law , and the arbitrary decisions made by our supreme court justices using humanist logic.

    Zaid and his wife were told that they did not have any cholce in the matter. They had to submit to the will of ” ALLAH.” This is in ” the Quran in Sura chapter 33 verses 36-38.

    It is no wonder that this passage in the Quaran has led many former Muslims to renounce Islam. The ones that renounce Islam in Islamic Countries are persecuted by So-Called Courts of Justice. This reminds me of our so-called human-rights commissions in our O Canada.

    This is like the Kinsey “science” taught as sex education to our children by Canadian liberal-minded educators from our “HUMANIST” public school through university, and it is protected by blasphemy laws !

  5. Ninety three percent of Irans Muslims are Shiaite and sixty percent of Iraqs. Hezbollah is a militant Shiaite Party that is in control of Southern Lebanon.

    Imagine how powerful Iraq and Iran would be if they would become one Islamic Shiaite country.

    In July 2006 Al-Sadr was uniting Muslims to destroy the Infidels of Isreal the only democracy in the region.

    It is a good thing the justice of the Bibles Ten Commandments have given Canadians the freedoms we still have left , but now Christianity and The Ten Commandments have been taken out of education, justice, and out of peoples minds and replaced by the state imposed religion of Politically Correct Relativistic Darwinian Humanism. Study the Humanist Manifesto(1933) and the ones that follow to understand how the Fathers and Mothers of Western Education accomplished the spread the imposition of the religion of Humanism. Of course they say all other positions are mental constructs but theirs , and they teach our children nothing even resembling ” neutral ” scholarship.

    Now it is well that we are not surrounded by Muslim nations. We would not last long as a democratic country. If The USA wasn’t next door we would have been gone long ago, and they buy 85% of our product. If they stop buying 85% of our product we would be in a depression.

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