Sacrifice Lost

To really look at the pro-life movement’s approach to abortion over the last 40 years is to look at an incomplete strategy which, in large part, only addresses the symptom of a much wider cultural malaise. Abortion is not the problem. It is a symptom, the logical consequence of a series of errors, building on each other until the consummation is reached in rejecting human life.

Abortion is not the beginning of the problem, it is the end of it. Well before a woman chooses to kill the child within her womb, the foundation for the culture of death and meaningless sex must have been first well embedded. No woman kills her baby unless some serious self-delusion and hefty philosophical error have first entrenched themselves in the culture’s mentality.

The mentality of no to human life finds its impetus first and foremost in a rejection of God. With the rejection of God the Creator, there is a rejection of meaning (the only real meaning which transcends the current world). With the loss of meaning, there is a loss of the sense of sacrifice. (When, for instance, was the last time you saw a leftist sacrificing for anything other than himself? That’s why leftists are against war and for abortion: the opposite positions require their assent to personal sacrifice.) And with the loss of the sacrifice, comes the inevitable destruction of human life. Because bearing and rearing of children requires plenty of sacrifice.

And that really is the crux of the problem in our culture, is it not? We want all the pleasure and none of the pain. All of the glory right now and none of the sacrifice. We want the quick hit at the expense of the truth. This quick hit is demonstrated in a variety of ways in our culture’s over-bloated excesses. In the area of sex, for instance, this is demonstrated in Contraception, Masturbation, Divorce, Pornography, Invitro Fertilization, Same-sex “marriage”, etc.

So it seems to me that the real challenge of the pro-life movement is to focus a good part of our efforts on challenging people to believe that yes, indeed, good old fashioned sacrifice is a virtue and there is a reward for it. If people started to really believe that, abortion would be yesterday’s problem. But for people to buy into the sacrifice, they need to have a reason for it…and that reason is, of course, God.

Abortion is an attack on God. All Christians know this. Therefore, if we turn people’s heart from attacking God to loving Him, abortion would fade into a bad nightmare.

God…meaning…sacrifice…life. Simple but effective.

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