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Russ writes

I am so disappointed that you have decided to slime Caritas Haiti in your continnuing (sic) attacks on D&P. I understand why you do it…you hate any person or organization which you judge to be liberal and then assume that any person or organization connected to the afore-mentioned is also evil.

First of all, I don’t hate anyone.  I hate abortion. I hate militant feminism. I hate the fact that Catholics are being lied to and manipulated when they are asked to give to “social justice”.  I may even hate how an organization is operating.  But I do not hate people. I am critical of people’s actions, and sometimes I go a little overboard, but my motivation is to see truth and justice prevail.  In the case of Development & Peace, for instance, my severe critiques would stop as soon as they stop enabling the pro-abortion and anti-family movement in the Global South. 

Secondly, I did not “slime” Caritas HaitiCaritas Haiti told us what their “strategy” was about:

The principal organization which Development & Peace has named to assist in the country, Caritas Haiti, is likely an abortion-supporting organization too. They have a “strategy” plan that says women are discriminated against in the Church and that women do not control their “reproduction”.  In addition,  Population Services International– which specializes in, among other things “reproductive health” is a donor to Caritas Haiti and describes them as one of their “partners”. (Source)

Where, precisely, is the sliming, Russ?  Are the facts the “slime”, Russ? Is my reporting on the facts, sliming?

Maybe you think it’s fine to allow this anti-Catholic bigotry and anti-life garbage to perpetuate, Russ, but there are many faithful Catholics who quite obviously do not.  They want to know where and to whom the Canadian Catholic Church’s official aid agency is sending their money.   I don’t think that is an unreasonable request.

You have no proof that Caritas supports abortion or birth control: only inferences.

I see.  So you think the Catholic Church “discriminates against women”, do you Russ?  What do you suppose that charge is getting at, Russ? Come on now, offer us your insights.

And do you think that Caritas Haiti’s reference to women’s “control of their reproduction” refers to abstinence or natural family planning?  Is that what you believe, Russ? 

Russ, my friend, you need to stay off that KoolAid.

Here is some information you might consider as a counter inference. The president of Caritas Internationalis (of which Caritas Haiti is a member) is Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras. He’s consideered to be a moderate because he advocates on behalf of the poor so I’m sure you will write him off as a liberal. However, in 2009, he publicly agreed with the Pope that condoms cannot be of any real benefit in the fight against AIDS. He has also said that politicians who publicly support abortion excommunicate themselves. I suppose you can go on believing that his organization promotes activities contrary to Church teaching if you want. I don’t.

Caritas Internationalis (CI) does not micromanage each and everyone of their satellites. It might not know what Caritas Haiti is pushing. I am not prepared to make an allegation against CI (much less a Cardinal) if I do not have any proof of their complicity or knowledge.  I still believe in the presumption of innocence and even assuming the good intentions to a point.

Why don’t you just bury the hatchet for awhile and support your bishops in their efforts to help Haiti.

This is part of the problem I have with the “social justice” wing of the Church, Russ. You seem to imply that unless we are contributing to Development & Peace, we are not supporting the aid efforts in Haiti. That’s a very, very arrogant attitude, Russ. In fact, there are many Catholic relief agencies in Haiti – relief agencies which are IN TOTAL fidelity to what the Church teaches about the human person, unlike Development & Peace, of course.   So, if it’s a choice between an abortion-enabling, semi-Marxist group, masquerading as Catholic and an authentic Catholic aid agency, just who do you think a faithful Catholic should support, Russ?  By the way, did you know that Archbishop Martin Currie sits on the Board of Directors of Chalice?  Therefore, Catholics don’t need to support Development & Peace to A) support a Catholic organization in Haiti and B) have the necessary episcopal approval.

But, I’ll cut you a deal, Russ.  I’ll “bury the hatchet” against D&P when D&P stops enabling the hatchet-makers against the unborn in the Global South. Is that a deal, Russ?


2 thoughts on “Russ Has Something To Say

  1. Some people have bought into the fad that just because one reports the facts truthfully while at the same time expressing their honest opinion of those facts within the context of their genuine faith, they’re sliming others, whatever sliming means (if anyone could clear that up, it would be helpful). Why should I give my money to people who will only use it to undermine my faith, my family’s faith, and my children’s faith? I care about my family and love them deeply, and I do not want my children growing up thinking it’s ok to send money to people that will use it to push immorality on us. Just because someone is thirsty does not mean we should give them poisened water to drink.

  2. Good job Russ!

    But don’t spent too much time on this.

    While it is always interesting to see what Socon will say next it is always the same old story.

    Oh wait…maybe he will say this too

    Big surprise!

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