Running towards the cliff

Moreover, Kasper gave the pope the privilege of breaking the secrecy on the things he had said at the consistory, unlike all the other cardinals. When his talk came out by surprise on March 1 in the Italian newspaper “Il Foglio,” it was already being prepared for the presses by the publisher Queriniana. The coverage of the publication was immense. In early spring, to balance the impact of Kasper’s proposals, the congregation for the doctrine of the faith planned the publication in “L’Osservatore Romano” of an opposing presentation by a prominent cardinal. But the pope vetoed the publication of this text. (Source)

In light of the recent book by those Cardinals defending marriage (Remaining in the Truth of Christ), the above text is very ominous indeed…because it suggests that the orthodox side tried to get the message out early on through official publications and it was blocked. So they had to resort to mass publication by an American publisher.  Also, in light of the fact that Baldisseri wanted a closed Synod for deliberations, we see again a concerted and deliberate attempt to shut down the promotion of the teachings of Jesus on marriage.  (Pell had to pound the table to get him to permit the group deliberations to be published.) The progressive faction is fine that the conservatives should be allowed to speak their minds in the Synod, provided of course, that the progressives have full control on the final message to the rest of the world.

This is all very ominous.

The fight here is much scarier than people want to admit…or that I even want to admit.  But if we don’t fight in reality, we fight in fantasy but we don’t live in fantasy. We live in reality. So we need to admit the reality so we can live in reality.

We need to pray hard for the bishops and these brave cardinals. We also need to pray for the Pope to turn away from the cliff.

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