Rubies are forever, darling…but babies are not

Credit: Socon Blogger “Suzanne” from Big Blue Wave. Picture from 2006 March for Life.

Ruby Dhalla, Ont. Liberal MP
“You know, if they wanted the issue to go away, I don’t know why Vic Toews or the Prime Minister couldn’t issue a letter saying they weren’t aware of this. I mean, this is really reflective I think of the Conservative track record, where they have attacked the most vulnerable in our society, whether it’s women, whether it’s dealing with the aboriginal communities, or whether it’s dealing with those that are poor, this government has not stood up to be a strong voice. And when it comes to the issue of women Don, I have to say one of the first acts of this government of Stephen Harper was to remove the word “equality” of the status of women mandate and having, you know, the Government of Canada logo at this march is just a reflection of the government’s attitude.” (Source)

– “This must have been a bad dream, mommy. A pro-abort could not have said something so stupid when talking about abortion.”

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