Rubbers Linked to Risk of Preeclampsia

See?  Natural is the only way to have sex.  Potions, incantations, and rubbers just don’t work.  It’s fake sex. Don’t do it!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Health) – Women who are not exposed to a partner’s sperm prior to pregnancy because the couple used condoms may be at increased risk for developing pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, a new study concludes.

The findings suggest that when the uterus is repeatedly exposed to sperm, a woman’s immune system may become accustomed to this “foreign” genetic material, said Dr. Jon Einarsson, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

However, when a woman’s body has only recently been introduced to the sperm because she stopped using barrier contraception and was trying to conceive, she may have an immune reaction that causes damage to the walls of blood vessels and contributes to pregnancy-induced hypertension, a condition known as preeclampsia, suggested Einarsson. This reaction may be heightened because the placenta produces paternal proteins similar to those on sperm, he told Reuters Health.


4 thoughts on “Rubbers Linked to Risk of Preeclampsia

  1. If I want unbiased information on human health or childbirth, I am certainly not going to consult Catholic propaganda. Gentlemen, stop boring us all with your obsession on birth control, masturbation, etc, and start preaching about true
    evils like cigarette smoking and drunk driving. But I guess nobody pays you to write about those things. The only hospital in my home town is Catholic and every time I see a NFP poster I cringe and wonder if I will get state of the art careb,

  2. Bill,

    The source is not Catholic.

    The risks of contraceptive devices are now well known and documented. It’s unhealthy. Your objection is not with the Catholic Church. It’s with science.

    We are simply reporting what the gods of science tell you.

  3. And the difference between cigarettes and contraception is that everyone recognizes the latter and tries to prevent it, but not so much the latter.


  4. In our Culture abstinence until marriage was the norm. Now with youngsters brainwashed from Kindergarten in the love without meaning of Kinsey Sex Education as a Human Right, and Social Justice anything goes. In a democracy the majority get what they pray for.

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