One thought on “Roxanne’s Law on 100 Huntley Street

  1. This is a very sad commentary on who the so-called faithful elect to our Legislatures and Parliament. Traditionalist Politicians who try to pass Bills like C510 don’t usually get enough politicians to pass these Bills into Law. When Traditionalist Politicians ask their so-called brothers and sisters who are supposed to believe in the sanctity of life to support them they vote for the lax politicians instead. We do have some people who are Culture Warriors ,but to many vote for pro-abortion politicians. There are some Politicians who live in the more traditionalist communities who get elected often, but not enough. When I worked with Tom Landers and how he gathered traditionalists from all walks of life in Canada to raise the age of consent I was blessed. In a democracy the citizens can change things for the good of the public if they are willing to work to do it. Please support Traditionalist Politicians who know how to convince others for a better Canada.

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