Rotten Episcopal Conferences

Remember the Brazilian Bishops Conference and their tacit acceptance of infanticide?

Well, they’re back at it dissenting from Church teaching.  This time it’s all about setting up their own parallel Church and receiving a delegation from their Church comrades from China.

I’m not sure how long this sham unity in the Catholic Church can continue.  My bet is that formal and open schism is coming sooner rather than later.  And Rome will have to acknowledge openly what is already plainly obvious to all of us.

Ultimately, this has to come from the Pope.  Eventually Rome will have to insist on honesty from the bishops and these rogue episcopal conferences to uphold the Catholic faith. 

Let’s face it, folks. If Rome doesn’t act but continues to tolerate this dissent, the liberals will keep pushing the envelope until the envelope has completely fallen off the table.   Well, I think the envelope has fallen off the table.

I think it’s clear that Rome has to take extraordinary measures to preserve the Faith, including setting up personal prelatures within dioceses to protect the Catholic Faith. In some cases, Rome needs to find some muscularity and to press individual bishops and even whole national conferences to repent or be cut off.  It’s as simple as that.

One thought on “Rotten Episcopal Conferences

  1. Pacheco, this echo is getting passed around the blogosphere recently. You likely won’t get that from B16, because of his disposition and he’s more an intellectual pope. What we need is a pastoral pope, different from the intellectuals. I was thinking more along the lines of John XXIII, though he did open up Vatican II (go ahead and insert your usual criticism here). He came from simple means, and he just did things like “Hey let’s have an ecumenical council” without much forethought. That’s the kind of pope we need, with the gusto of John XXIII, but the traditionalism of B16. Heck I’d nominate myself or you to be that pope.

    As for open schism, I say Bring it! Bring on the Great Chastizement!!! better we know who the liar “c”atholics are out there and to disband them from the flock which is well, the majority of adherents to the catholic faith.

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