Rosica Disciple Beclowns Herself, Slags Cardinal Burke

“There’s finally a realization that maybe the way we’ve been approaching things doesn’t help, or it’s not taking into account that that’s an ideal and real life is messy and we have to be able to deal with the mess, not the black and white,” said Alicia Ambrosio, producer and host of Vatican Connections on Salt and Light Television, to the host of TV Ontario’s The Agenda program last Friday evening, Oct. 17. (Click here to watch the video)

“A change in — you know what — maybe we don’t have to tell people they’re wrong. Maybe we can work with them and find a way to welcome them into our community, even though they might not be perfect in our eyes. So, that’s going to be huge.”

“It’s kind of like what you see in politics as well, with left and right. No matter what the other side says, this side is going to freak out. Cardinal Burke comes from a stream that doesn’t believe we should be even having this conversation. [His position can be summed as] ‘this is the truth, this is what should be happening, if you’re not meeting up to the truth, if you’re not living up to this ideal, you’re wrong. And there should be no conversation about how to bend to welcome people in, because then you’re bending on the truth.’”

“So, it’s a mindset. Discussions I’ve had with other journalists and other Catholics – we’re really wondering what’s going to happen to Cardinal Burke and others of his ilk after the Synod, because if this conversation goes down a road that they can’t accept, then what?” she said.

Ambrosio criticized Burke for being “unrealistic.” (Source)

Alicia, let me fill you in, dear.  Cardinal Burke will be back in the Curia during the next pontificate in some fashion.  He’s 66. He’s just a kid by Curial standards.   Moreover, you don’t appear to know how to count, either.  The vast majority of the bishops and Cardinals are not open to the proposals of Kasper and his cronies. And they are also probably pretty pissed that the Synod has gone the way it has — you know, how you kind of determine doctrine by votes and put the number of votes for and against after each paragraph?  That’s kind of stupid and silly, but not at all unexpected from progressives.  Fits right into their plan.

There will be a major correction when the next Pope is elected, as the Cardinal-electors will want to re-assert some order and identity to the Church, as well as a respect for law and justice.

And because Burke came out so strongly against this sham Synod orientation, guess who’s going to be the hands-on pick to be the next Pope?

So, you’ve asked the wrong question.  The question is not what’s going to happen to Burke? It’s what’s going to happen to Salt & Light?

There’s always a tomorrow.  Remember that.

2 thoughts on “Rosica Disciple Beclowns Herself, Slags Cardinal Burke

  1. Amen.
    Thank You John for saying it like it is. You see…like so many. Alicia does not want obey the Truth, the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.
    Sorry, Alicia, Truth is Truth. Jesus says I AM the Way The Truth and The Life, the SAME yesterday today and forever. Is that clear enough? This ridiculous almost pampered, attitude of so many of the youth today, and others for that matter, the nuchurch of my generation too probably more so, with parents who were only too happy to go along with the diabolical church of the past 50 years almost, this idea… that they are somehow “privileged” “different” and the most applicable adjective, I think is “entitled” to hold these heretical views, must originate from bad teaching on the part of modern pastors as well as , perhaps parents who perhaps have a cafeteria approach when it comes to the Church and Her Teaching in all matters, that are serious and not open to discussion. Yes Alicia, that means black and white. We either follow Jesus or satan. It is that simple. Jesus’ ways are clear and easy to understand, satan if about doubt confusion, not some dreamy subjective view of modern theologians attempting to push their own vain agenda and deception.
    The idea that Truth in Doctrinal Matters should change for them or anyone is an attitude stemming from…pride and that they are somehow more special because of that, and must be “understood” differently don’t you know. No, we do not,and here is another thing, Alicia read some of the previous councils, as well as texts of The History of The Church, as well as the lives of the Saints, not just Little Flower , only as beautiful a Saint as she is their are many more to study, including St. Padre Pio,. Read up on Pope Pius X, and not from a modernist’ view of him.
    St. Gregory, St. Louis De Montfort, St. John Vianney,St. Augustine to name but a few.

  2. My contemporaries started every school morning with the Lord’s Prayer in Canada, and all of Western Civilization led by their school teachers,and the Ten Commandments were on Government House,School House and Court House walls,and in the majorities minds because our society was “not” politically apathetic,indifferent or complacent then.Things were not perfect,but Christians were Politically active at every level of our democracy to continue to make them better.

    In democracies the laws reflect the majorities desires.If you are not politically organized in our democracies for Christ,then you have politically chosen Barabbas to teach your Kindergarteners sex-education,morality and law in schools.Can you imagine what most indoctrinated in the tenets of so-called”neutral”Secular Paganism will go on to do in their professions? In our democracies the choice is still the same Christ or so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism.

    Saint Paul cried out to “all” in Pagan Rome who would reason,calling them away from sexual promiscuity of their many worldviews to worship the Holy God of Israel.These Pagan relativised worldviews were but the multicultural variants of the same Baal,Astarte,Molech etc.,against whose worship the earlier Israelite prophets had similarly reasoned with the Jewish society,making clear the link between idolatry and unconstrained sexuality.
    Although they claimed to be wise,they became fools,and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for beliefs that they made up.They exchanged the truth of their God for a lie,because of this their God allowed them their freewill to choose Him,or their shameful lusts with consequences. They chose so-called”neutral”perversion.Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women,and were inflamed with lust for one another.Men committed indecent acts with other men,and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

    Today Democratic Secular Western Paganism declares The Lord’s Prayer in Schools,Government,Courts unconstitutional,and legalized Sodomy and every kind of perversion normalized to schoolchildren by adult teachers, and homosexual activists from Kindergarten Constitutional,as a human right. Did you look into the zombie faces yesterday of our so-called “neutral”Secular Pagan Democratic leaders as they spoke to us from Parliament about Canadian Secular Values? In Democracies Political organization by real Catholics at every political level is crucial,or matters will become much worse!

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