Ron Gray Coming to Rally

Speaker Announcement

Ron Gray

Ron Gray has been the leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada since 1995. Ron’s background includes journalism, public relations, college administration and the federal public service. He is the first leader of a political party to have a complaint filed against him with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

When he had a conversation with a Commission employee, mediator Bob Fagan, about the specifics of the allegation, he was astonished at what he heard. “I told him that it seemed to be an abuse of the Human Rights Act for someone to try and use it as an instrument of censorship. And when I said that, on the phone, there was a pause and then he said, in a somewhat astonished tone: ‘But the Human Rights Act is about censorship.’ Then it was my turn to be silent on my end, because I found that breath-taking. For the Human Rights Commission’s own mediator to acknowledge that censorship was the purpose of their Act….He should charge me under Section 319 of the Criminal Code (of Canada). That carries with it the possibility of two years in jail, but in defence of the (free speech) rights of Canadians I am perfectly willing to risk going to jail.” (Source)

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