Rome’s Winnipeg Statement Moment

Cardinal Muller: …unfortunately, there are representatives of the Church, and even bishops who have allowed themselves to be somehow blinded by a secularized society in which they have been so influenced that it has drawn them away from the main topic or from the teachings of the Church based on revelationThey began to think about the different possibilities, whether it is or it would be possible, forgetting about the foundation … perhaps suggesting some questionable solutions in a matter of commitment in difficult situations in which people find themselves, perhaps guiding the desire to help another human being … Everything is fine but you must always remember that there is one “agenda” for us, the agenda of the Church, which is based on the revelation of God communicated in Jesus Christ. And this is actually for us the most important, if it is lost, lost would be other aspects. (Source)
Well, the text in red about sums it up.  In other words, we have a worldly western episcopate which has failed not only to evangelize but also failed to provide a courageous witness (and the two of these factors uncoincidentally go together).  The agenda of these progressives is not to challenge or inspire people to a higher calling.  Instead, they seek the lowest common denominator to any problem to avoid conflict with the world.  To what, precisely, are these bishops “evangelizing” our culture?  When the 1930 Anglican Lambeth conference permitted contraception in very “strict and specific” conditions, the fortress was breached for them and it was an all out assault on human sexuality.  In theory, if the Church ever accepted paragraph 52 of the Synod document as a binding teaching on the Church, it would be game, set and match for not only the Church but Western civilization completely.  There is a demonic blindness which covers the eyes of the bishops who voted for that paragraph.  On reflection, it was the Church’s “Winnipeg Statement moment” all over again.  Same principles.  Same false sense of mercy.  And it will be the same result. Stupid is as stupid does.

One thought on “Rome’s Winnipeg Statement Moment

  1. Saint John told us explicitly about the many antiChrists among us.When these diabolical people become the majority,they indoctrinate everyone in their morbid ways starting from Kindergarteners,as so-called human rights. This way they socially engineer almost everybody.

    It ought to be clear that the Bishops who agree with this so-called”neutral” morality have converted to it’s worldview. Evil is as evil does. Western Civilization has embraced the morality and worldview of multicultural pagan Rome,and this in everyones plane view.When so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Pagans decreed Christianity in Government,Law and Education unconstitutional, and the worldview of Secularism constitutional,they did it in the open. The Democratic Western majority agreed with the morality, law,and education of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism,and children no-longer started school mornings with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers,and The Ten Commandments were no longer on Government House,Court,or Schoolhouse Walls ,and in societies hearts and minds.

    Now Kindergarteners traumatized by Kinsey Sex Education by adult school teachers and homosexual etc., activists as so-called human rights have no-one to turn to. Homosexuals are less than 2% of the public.Heterosexuals reproduce,but homosexuals etc., add to their numbers by recruiting children in Pagan countries,as human rights.Imagine what these children indoctrinated in the tenets of Secular Paganism will normalize in their professions? Jesus wanted no-one to keep the children from coming to Him,and He knows about the apathy,indifference,and complacency of those who live in democracies,and call themselves Catholic allowing this.

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