2 thoughts on “Romanian doctor makes blunt, powerful plea to pope and bishops in her Synod talk

    • Christless Communism in Government,Law and Education is the same as so-called “neutral” Constitutional Democratic Secularism that now rules Western Countries politically.Both Communism and so-called neutral Secularism force their worldview through indoctrination and intimidation.Christians please politically unite to change this picture.Historically when Hedonism politically rules real Christians are persecuted,and evil legalized.Christians stopped being persecuted in Rome about the year 307 when Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.Before this Christians were humiliated and murdered by government decree.The Democratic Western Democracies decreed Christianity Unconstitutional starting in 1962,and so-called “neutral” Secularism with it’s living tree evolving society interpretation of Government,Law and Education,Constitutional.Now our sons and daughters are morally corrupted by adult school teachers,Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists starting with Kindergarteners,as so-called “neutral” secular human rights.

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