Rock on, baby

The thing is, even aside from the sacrilege and even blasphemy inherent in such celebrations, they are singularly ineffective on both the natural and supernatural levels.  They don’t attract people to the Faith.  They don’t change people’s lives, or put them on a path of salvation.  What they do, is show an exhausted Church turning to desperate tricks in a bid to draw a few people in.  But such efforts are always doomed to fail, as the Church and especially the Mass are not forms of entertainment, and fully secular entertainments will always be a far more attractive alternative for those looking for a secular-type good time. (Source)

…especially at 2:51.

My question is why they even bother with a male priest?  Get the woman with the Boa to officiate.

These people honour me with their…er…exotic dances and snakes, but their hearts are far from me.

How come this kind of thing never makes it to the things to talk about in an interview?

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