Roasting the Marshmallows

If any of you have not yet been over to Salt+Light’s blog to check out the 5 pages of largely polite yet very critical comments of Fr. Rosica’s post, you really should slip over there for a while. I’ve read them all, and they are very well written. Some of the critiques are really first rate and very deferential.  The one below, posted on page 5, caught my attention in particular. It’s written from a Boston resident who has seen Fr. Rosica on Boston TV.  It seems that people’s reliance on Fr. Rosica as a trusted Church source is being eroded everywhere…even in the city that hosted the scandalous funeral.

I think you will agree that the comment below puts the marshmallow arguments right into the fire:

Father Rosica: I am troubled by your remarks, having seen you a number of times on Boston Catholic TV and admired your achievements at S&L TV.

What we are addressing here, Father, is the lack of leadership on behalf of our clergy and hierarchy in the pro-life movement, aside from an appearance at a walk or a luncheon where one can preach to the choir.

Witnessing to life as many of us have done for years on the sidewalks of abortion clinics, we struggle with cheap shots, insults, mockery, etc. etc. and wonder why neither our clergy nor our Cardinal Archbishop are ever there to give us support. Being there for the Kennedy family and all the pro-abort Catholic politicians only reinforces for us, the indifference of the Church leadership to the real situations we face.

Thousands of girls, literally, have had abortions in the Boston area, and do we ever see the Church rallying around this cause? NO. As one Boston Policeman put it to me so succinctly: “If abortion is such a terrible evil, why isn’t the Cardinal out here with the rest of you?”  Hard to answer…very hard to answer. I am very saddened at your remarks, Father…

Conversely, if abortion is such a terrible evil, why is the Cardinal at Kennedy’s funeral?

Sometimes, you don’t have to write many words to make marshmallows look ridiculous.


One thought on “Roasting the Marshmallows

  1. Fr. Rosica claims that pro-lifers will never change laws and bring about conversion of minds and hearts. I’m not sure he should be handing out any advice about changing laws because his generation of clergy oversaw and enabled the most radical and destructive legislative changes in the history of Christianity: legalization of abortion, contraception, sodomy, euthanasia (in some parts), same-sex marriage, pornography, bathhouses, public sex, lap dancing, drug injection sites, thought crimes, etc.

    As for changing hearts, his generation of clergy oversaw an unprecedented mass exodus of the faithful from churches. About 10 percent of baptized Catholics attend Sunday mass and an even smaller proportion actually adheres to the teachings of the Magisterium.

    Under their watch, society has become so morally corrupt that people are afraid to go out at night, they won’t leave their front door unlocked, they don’t trust strangers and they carry guns and pepper spray for protection. Ask any elderly person and they’ll tell you that society wasn’t like that when they were growing up.

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