Rita Curley, R.I.P.

It’s with great sadness that I learned today that Rita Curley has died.  Rita was a thorn in the side of liberal Catholics in the Ottawa area for many, many years. Somehow many years ago, she got a hold of my number and would give me a call to “talk shop” once and awhile. Every so often she would call and leave a message about the latest protest or demonstration she was going to. She was also wrote the occasional letter to the editor to the Ottawa Citizen.  She was always on the front lines of the battle within the Church.  And she didn’t like feminists much either, and that’s being polite.  She was one of those proverbial old ladies who was as tough as nails but faithful to the end.  I never got to meet her in person. I only knew her voice.

Requiem in pax, Rita. Good and faithful servant of Jesus.

Our Lady of the Assumption Parish
320 Olmstead, Vanier
JULY 13th MONDAY 11 am

180 Montréal road
Sunday 2-4 and 7 -Pam

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