Right On Ruth

For many years now, social conservative activists have been labouring long and hard to confront the growing encroachment of the culture of death on our society.   The culture of death not only encompasses the societal annihilation known as abortion and voluntarily sterilization (aka contraception).  It also includes the ever-expanding encroachments of government organs like the so-called Human Rights Commissions and our so-called places of “higher learning” (or rather, “permitted learning”) at our nation’s universities.  Once the beneficiaries of very tolerant speech and expression codes when they were going through the system, these same people who now occupy positions of authority as Administrators are not so keen to grant the same rights to the kids who want their own opportunity to push the envelope.  You see, for liberals, pushing the envelope only goes in one direction — right to left. Not vice versa. If you try to push the envelope the other way, you get your own envelope with a fine in it and handcuffs around your wrists for good measure.  (“But hey man”, one Leftist once told me when we were discussing a similar situation, “you still have the right to your opinion.”)  This is the new tolerance which Carleton University is now known for.   As we have seen over the past number of years, our fundamental beliefs – and the freedoms associated with holding on to them – are being re-defined at every level, as I reminded the attendees at the March for Marriage in 2005:

If our government can redefine something so basic and timeless as marriage, they can also re-define our freedoms. If Bill C-38 becomes law, the fundamental cornerstone of our society will have been toppled. And when a nation fails to recognize the most basic objective moral and physiological truths, democracy itself will be emptied of its power so that only an empty shell will remain. And when a strong wind blows, I ask you, what will happen to that empty shell? My fellow Canadians, at this critical moment in our history when our country is on the brink of moral collapse, all of us are faced with the central question: Shall we defend marriage or shall we retreat? If we retreat to buy a little time, what will become of our freedoms when our opponents seek to dictate what is taught in our schools, our churches, and even our homes? And what will be left for our children and their posterity? What will become of their freedoms? Of their divine right to practice their faith and enjoy their civil liberties? Will we lie to ourselves today and say it won’t impact us because we fear the sacrifices that come with it? (Source)

Redefining freedom of speech and expression on a University campus, however, slices both ways.  Carleton University can handcuff Ruth Lobo. It can shut down displays it deems offensive to its totalitarian and pro-abort sensitivities. It can jackboot its student into silence and intimidate them with boorish academic misconduct and possible expulsion when the kids insist on their inalienable right to express themselves on the most important moral issue of our era.  Censorship U. can do all these things, but it cannot simultaneously pretend to be a university which values the search for knowledge and the free exercise of the pursuit of it.  In short, the guilty and pro-abort feminists who run Carleton university can’t have it both ways.  Carleton’s own proud history recoils at the conduct of Carleton’s current Administration which is making a mockery of the University’s motto (taken from Walt Whitman’s famous Pioneer, O Pioneers!),  “Ours the Task Eternal”.  Our opponents are oblivious to the fact that they are more offended at the display than the truth which the display points to. If they are offended at the picture, why are they not offended at the real deal?  Because they are not offended at the pictures per se.  They are offended at feeling guiltyThat’s what they are offended at.  Ruth Lobo got cuffed and booked because the feminists had their feelings hurt.

For many years, pro-life activists have been warning and pleading with lay Catholics in the pews not to vote for pro-abortion politicians who create the laws and the culture which make abortion possible. We’ve even kicked it up a notch when necessary and confronted so-called Catholic politicians who “fully support a woman’s right to choose“. In addition to that culture of killing unborn children, it is also responsible for suppression of free expression and the rising religious persecution — because, let’s face it, although abortion is not a religious issue per se, the pro-life cause is held up by Christian (largely Catholic) convictions and constituencies.  So not only is this confrontation a civil rights issue generally; it’s an issue of religious freedom specifically and confronting the anti-Catholic bigots who run Canada’s universities, particularly.  

I don’t think that I have ever met Ruth Lobo, but the disgraceful event that happened this past week at Censorship U. has touched a personal chord with me nonetheless.  Ruth’s brother, Rev. Father Simon Lobo, is the associate pastor at my home parish.  Pictured above is Fr. Simon, Archbishop of Ottawa, Terrence Prendergast, and Ruth Lobo.  The occasion of the picture is Fr. Simon’s ordination mass which occurred last year. 

And so, now, we come full circle.  With Ruth’s arrest, we see the cost of the ambivalence and indifference of Catholics who vote for representatives of the culture of death:   their own priest’s sister is booked and apprehended like a common criminal in a scene of mock justice and petty intimidation. 

You have to wonder if we have connected the dots yet, or is it still too theoretical for us to figure out that our constant Judasizing on this issue and, in particular, during election time, paved the way for Ruth’s arrest?   Are the bells going off yet?  There’s no point in clucking at the university if we put an “X” by Mr. Pro-Choice Politician, is it?  We got Ruth arrested, as much as the Feminists who rule Censorship U. did.  And the Church too must take responsibility for not speaking out in the past as forcefully as She should have.  (The bishops of Canada should take the cue from Archbishops Prendergast (Ottawa) and Collins (Toronto) in their steadfast pro-life leadership on the abortion question.)  

Let every Catholic and the bishops of the Church in particular take a good, long hard look at the two pictures of Ruth Lobo presented here.  A good loooonnnnng look.  Because those cuffs now around Ruth’s wrists will find themselves around the wrists of our priests and bishops in due course, if we don’t take corrective and bold action NOW, and turn this thing around.

You might not know Ruth.  But we’re all Lobos now.

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One thought on “Right On Ruth

  1. I am horrified at seeing the picture of Ruth Lobo arrested. Criminals should be arrested, not those who seek to inform about the truth of the preciousness of human life. I love my country Canada, why does it allow for justice to be perverted? May good politicians speak up! May the Law be there to protect, and not to oppress, good citizens such as this young woman who has every right to express her views on such a very important issue as human life’s dignity.

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