Right on Fr. Ray!

The blood is still dripping from the walls of the Baghdad cathedral, and Bishop Farrell finds fault with a nutcase nobody pastor who threatened to burn the Koran, but did not do so after the whole world condemned him. Would that the Islamic radicals in Baghdad had only threatened to kill people at Mass. With all respect to the bishop of Dallas, the problem is not with overheated Catholic rhetoric, but with murderous Muslims. A Catholic bishop ought to know the difference. Indeed, a bishop might consider more muscular rhetoric, perhaps giving voice to the blood of Baghdad that screams out to heaven.

“Vengeance is mine says the Lord.” So Scripture teaches us, and so it must be for us, leaving vengeance to the Lord, and imploring the grace of reconciliation and mercy. But let us not blanch from raising our voices to the Lord, with righteous anger and hot tears, to visit His vengeance upon those who did this, to bring down His wrath upon their heads, to exact upon them a terrifying price in full measure for their grievous sins. That’s not the language of hatred; it is the language of the shepherd when the flock is being slaughtered. (Source)

Maybe this is a good sign that the Church’s priests are getting some Zing in their speech.  The hierarchy’s milktoast, hand-wringing, self-loathing message it spreads is killing us

They need to be challenged forcefully.

I think, in light of the CCCB’s irrelevant choice of Muslim speaker, at their last Plenary Assembly, some serious re-evaluation on how the Catholic Bishops do “inter religious dialogue” with Muslims is in order.

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