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So here is certain proof that I live under a rock; I have only just seen the famed YouTube video of Susan Boyle’s stunning performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent. (I link to it only because I know there are a few other fellow rock dwellers out there too.) I was amazed. Not by her performance which was beautiful, but by the show and her effect upon it. I have seen my fair share of American Idol and I suppose that this is Britain’s version mirroring all the qualities for which I don’t much like the former; the patronizing rudeness of the judges, belittling of contestants etc. However hardened I have become to this treatment of fellow human beings who have the audacity to seek acceptance from the mob mentality, I was still struck by the horrendous reaction of the audience to Susan Boyle’s presense. This has been described as cynicism or skeptism in various places but there was nothing skeptical about the hideous facial sneering and eye rolling and gearing up to full freak show fury when Susan dared present herself. This was pure judgment meted out upon a woman who had the strength to stand before such a mob, ready to verbally lynch anyone who didn’t perfectly subscribe to the current approved formula of appearance.

And she sang, and the rabble broke into cheering for they thought it was her amazing voice that stunned them. What the crowd didn’t realize however, as the tears were released in awe, was that they were witnessing a woman who was different from them in ways that they couldn’t fathom. They thought it was the sad contrast between their expectations of a homely woman’s abilities and a truly amazing voice. More than that happened I believe. I think the crowd glimpsed true beauty maybe for the first time, something they were blind to until she sang….(Source)

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