Reverting Back to the Church

He Could No Longer Explain Why He Wasn’t Catholic

Until a few weeks ago, Francis Beckwith was president of the Evangelical Theological Society, an association of 4,300 Protestant theologians. Now he has returned to the Church of his baptism.

Interesting article here on a big time conversion.

In my previous life I used to be big time into Catholic Apologetics. (In fact, my little apologetics apostolate is still operational and I am still the director, although I have been trying to find a webmaster to take it over. As a result, I only get to update the site every few months or so.)

Needless to say, I was really into the Catholic vs. Protestant thing, but I figured that my time was better spent in joining our separated brethren in fighting in the culture war than in perpetuating the in-fighting. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a good scrap, but like, when the Titantic’s sinking, it’s time to stop fighting over who gets to steer the ship. Capiche?

I hope that Frank’s conversion helps to spur us towards fuller unity…even if we cannot obtain that perfect unity this side of heaven.
In all things, may the name of Jesus Christ be exalted.

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