Rev. Rhonda Gives “Homily” @ St. Joe’s

Rev. Rhondda MacKay’s homily at St. Joe’s: the prodigal sower

August 4, 2011 by Leave a Comment

Thanks to your liturgy team for the honour of opening scriptures for you. I am honoured to have an opportunity to address the congregation, for which I have such respect and to stand with Fr. Andy who we have been so pleased to welcome into Sandy Hill; I like to brag about the good working relationship amongst churches and faith communities in this neighbourhood… I like to think we are fertile soil for the sower’s seeds, but it is worth thinking about what the fertile soil would be that provides abundant harvest

In his response to the questions of his disciples, Jesus tells them parables are for those who know beyond knowledge. They hear and see beyond the obvious.

It’s an invitation to look again at the familiar image –prodigal sower, casting seed not just on the prepared ground, but also on the path, on rocky ground and amongst the thorns. No self-respecting farmer would do that.


A Socon or Bust reader says the official parish website calls it a “reflection”, but the youth group calls it a homily.

Who care’s though?  It becomes a distinction without a difference.  How you worship is how you believe.  St. Joe’s is just fine with women homilists…and with women priests.

One thought on “Rev. Rhonda Gives “Homily” @ St. Joe’s

  1. Upon seeing the picture of this Womynpriest and the “homily” attached, I just felt disgusted at the whole debacle. Anyone want to bet on the closing of this parishand the loss of those youth’s souls to secularized watered down “c”atholicism? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? Not until the great Chastizement???

    On the brightside, those youth know that she is giving a homily while the liberalized pastor is covering it up with the word “reflection”. They aren’t dumb.

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