“Star Bucks”: Money for Nothing

In this testy exchange, Barbara Kulaszka, Lemire’s lawyer, and Steacy spar over Steacy’s post on Stormfront.  At issue is whether such posting by the Warrior Commissioner would constitute goading Lemire into responding against Warman to the extent that it would be considered “retaliation” under the Act.  “Retaliation” under the CHRA by a respondent or any other member of the public is subject to a hefty fine:

Q. Should I worry about retaliation if I file a complaint or testify in support of someone who files?

A. No. It is a criminal offence for anyone to threaten, intimidate or discriminate against a person who complains, gives evidence or helps with a complaint. The Canadian Human Rights Act provides for fines of up to $50,000 for threatening, intimidating or discriminating against an individual who has filed a complaint, or for hampering an investigation. The Commission can also investigate and deal with complaints of retaliation against persons who file a complaint. (Source)

She then goes on to focus on the amount of shake-down money Warman has made from the Commission.  Steacy then informs us all that he has no idea of how much money Warman has made because “it’s none of his business”.


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