Results of the survey are in

No big surprise here.

Where in the Gospels did Jesus seek the opinion of those He was leading?

No where. He revealed the truth and asked His disciples to follow it.  The Church is not above Her master, so what exactly was the point of this survey?  To show that “Catholics” don’t follow Church teaching?  And this is a surprise?  Really?!

This survey will bring about nothing good (except maybe as a huge blinking neon sign to the teachers in the Church of the miserable FAIL over the past 50 years in passing down the Faith)…because the Church cannot change its doctrine, and pastoral practice is a function of doctrine.  There’s already a huge hole between the pastoral application of the Church’s doctrine and the doctrine itself.  If it’s widened anymore, it will be bigger than the U.S. national debt.

What we need in Rome and the rest of the Church right now is not soft and cuddly.  We need a firm and unequivocal statement of the Church’s teaching.  A blunt statement that it will never, ever change.  And an invitation to all Catholics to REPENT and believe in Jesus Christ.

Salvation is not negotiable and certainly not subject to some survey of public opinion.

Maybe the new regime might reflect carefully on Benedict’s words:

“When There is No Struggle, There is no Christendom”

One thought on “Results of the survey are in

  1. Jesus took a survey in Matt 16: “Who do the people say that I am?” And his bishops reported that the people had all the wrong answers. There was work to be done. Same deal today.

    The Synod survey has raised the profile of the Church’s epic FAIL to the highest possible level, with the bishops of each country, one by one, having to fess up to the disaster in their land.

    If +Francis uses the Synod meetings as an opportunity to compel the bishops to start teaching again, then we could be on the verge of something grand.

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