Restless in Ottawa

Been doing a lot of introspection lately about life in general and socon activism in particular…

Not sure where to go from here. Roadblocks, hand wringing, and a general apathy reign.

We’re divided. Leaderless. No plan, no vision, and no chance.

Talked to a buddy of mine (works in the movie industry) a couple of days ago who thinks we need to reclaim the culture by getting into the movie business and changing people’s perception that way — just like the liberals did 40 years ago. I tend to agree with him.

But with all things, it takes money and lots of it.

Too many little kingdoms, vying to fight Mordor and Sauron all by themselves. Can’t do it that way, folks. Recipe for failure every time.

We need some kind of counter-cultural revolution. But how do you start a revolution, when our so-called leaders are not doing their jobs, but merely taking up valuable real estate?

Need sacrifice and a lot of it. Too many of us are on moral and social pogey. We need to break out of this.

Sometimes I ask God: “Is your name to be a by-word among the nations? Some kind of quaint old tradition? If not, then where is the beef? We need some help down here. Send us someone – anyone – to get this thing moving.”

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