Restless Heart – Great Movie, Sold Out Venue

Yesterday, my wife and I went to see Restless Heart – The Confessions of St. Augustine.  I got home from work late and was sitting at the dining room table eating some delicious tomato soup at 7PM, then a still small voice whispered:  “You dummy, you’re missing the movie.”  I sprang out of my seat and yelled, “We’re missing the movie!”.  My wife and I rushed to Notre Dame High School where it was being shown, only to find that it hadn’t yet started.  When we arrived, the place was packed.  There were only a few seats available – and even those were likely no shows who had paid (like I could have been),  It was a great sign that the Faith is alive.  The showing of the movie was sponsored by the Archdiocese of Ottawa, as part of its efforts in this Year of the Faith in the Catholic Church.  It was a welcome change from past sponsorships which have not, sadly, been as inspiring or obedient to the Spirit of God.

The movie was very well done.  It traces St. Augustine’s life from early childhood, to his studies under a famous orator, to his being appointed the chief orator for the Arian Emperor, to his confrontation with Ambrose, to his eventual conversion.  It was a very powerful movie about the power of the TRUTH and man’s meaningless life without it.  Or, as St. Ambrose made clear to Augustine in one of their exchanges:  The truth is not so much a thing as it is a person – Jesus Christ.

Although the main thrust of the movie was about St. Augustine, the role of St. Monica (the actress who played the role was the best actor in the movie, by the way) was also very compelling and instructive.  It showed us once again, that behind every great man is a great woman.  And that real power is accessible to both men and women through faith and perseverance, outside of the legal confines of any age.

It was a great movie. Socon or Bust gives it 3.5 scrolls out of 5.  Worth adding to your library when it comes out on DVD.

2 thoughts on “Restless Heart – Great Movie, Sold Out Venue

  1. One of the martyrs in this battle was Fr. Miguel Pro, who has since been beatified. Readers of Socon or Bust will recognize that name because one of D&P’s pro-abort partners was named after Miguel Pro. What a disgrace, bordering on sacrilegious.

    This was the partner that +Prendergast booted out of Ottawa.

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