Respecting ourselves

(AgapePress) – A Canadian pro-family activist admits he is bitterly disappointed that the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper failed to restore traditional marriage to the people of Canada on Thursday.

The vote was 175-123 against Harper’s resolution calling for marriage to once again be defined strictly as a union between one man and one woman. The liberal Globe and Mail newspaper began an article on the vote with a bold pronouncement: “Same-sex marriage is here to stay.”
Although pro-family leader Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of the
Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC), had held out hope for a narrow victory in favor of traditional marriage, he says he got a clue about how things would turn out from watching Wednesday’s debate process on the resolution. “There were times that there were only ten people out of 308 in the House to listen to the debate,” he says. “So obviously, they didn’t even have enough respect for the issue to sit
in and listen to the points that were being made.”

Rushfeldt says unfortunately the Conservative Party has too many members who are not really conservative. He expects that fact will probably cost Harper in next year’s expected elections.
“True conservatives are going to be very disgusted,” the CFAC spokesman contends, “and it’s not that they will go vote elsewhere, because there is nowhere else to vote.” What Canadians are likely to do, he suggests, is what many Americans did during the recent U.S. national elections; that is, “simply stay home.”


No. We don’t need to stay home. We need to provide an alternative on the Right side of the spectrum – at least on social issues. We have yet to try and establish a credible social conservative party whose overriding policy decisions are shaped by and for the Canadian family. Everything from taxes to crime to social policy. Nobody has ever given it a chance because the people with the ability and talent to move this thing are no where to be found. They just keep sucking at the trough of the Liberal and Conservative Parties, without having the foresight or courage to realize that unless somebody takes some responsibility Canada is finished.

If we don’t respect ourselves, then we can’t expect the politicians to.


Here are more of my comments on FD responding to the CPC being “overwhelmingly socon”….

It might be overwhelmingly socon, but it has no teeth. It’s just a veneer. I mean, the Liberal Party is practically more open to the issue of abortion than the CPC. And now with marriage down the tubes, just what precisely is social conservative about the CPC?

By establishing another Party, and acting responsibly on who we run and where we run them, we can raise money via the generous political kickback system in Canada for the socon movement and also begin to slowly impact the Canadian political landscape.

Unless there is a party on the Right, the CPC will keep drifting left on social and even fiscal issues. Look at the old PCs.

No. We need a change of direction in this thing and we need to keep the CPC accountable to all conservatives. Otherwise, they get too comfortable, fat, and complacent.

Feet to the fire, boys. If we play it smart, it can have some real payback or my name isn’t Paycheck.

This new Party, if the proper approach is undertaken, can start to peal off support from both the Liberal and Conservative Parties for voters who are fed up with both and who are more inclined towards more family values oriented policies.

I think voters have read Harper right: his support for socon values is paper thin, as his conduct on the marriage motion clearly demonstrated. He wasn’t interested in really preserving marriage by allowing us to keep it on the front burner. Instead he was content by dawning a paper bag over his head and saying “See, I’m for marriage too!”

This guy is no dummy. He knew that this motion would fail and he knew that it would set our movement back. He did it for his own political gain to accomplish 2 objectives: 1) look good on keeping his promise and 2) satisfying the red tories who thought that this would be the last spike in the marriage issue’s coffin. Win, win for Stephen.

Let’s face the reality: what leader makes this kind of decision without consulting the socon groups in the country and his own Party, none of whom were supportive of bringing this vote up now. If that doesn’t say it all, nothing will. Stephen Harper is for his own political future before he cares about the country. As marriage goes, so goes the country. Politicians who refuse to use every available means to guard it are no patriots and no friends of Canada or the Canadian family, but only show themselves to be plastic leaders leading a marshmellow party.

Nobody gave the CPC a chance in Quebec when they pulled off 10 seats. Well, if we get the right people in this thing, the Dominion Party of Canada can have an effect. Since there are few politicians in Canada who have the gonads to get involved, I think I’m going to start looking in the U.S. for some help. I know some American socon groups who are keenly interested in what’s going on here. I think if I approach them for some practical politcal advice on our scene and getting a new party going, I’d get it.

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