Socon or Bust readers might have noticed that I have stepped back from doing heavy blogging over the past month or so.  There’s a difference between “heavy” and “light” blogging.  “Heavy” blogging involves composing a longer entry, and sometimes that entry has a lot of research behind it which makes it even more time-intensive.  Socon or Bust was never started to simply be another blog in cyberspace.  It was started, principally, to be an means of furthering social conservative activism and reporting on our activities.  Not to say that pure bloggers are not important; they most certainly are.  But our focus has always been somewhat different.  We used the blog to report on our activities…not simply to report on the news or what others are doing.

Over the last few of years, however, we’ve kind of veered off into reporting a lot of the garbage in the Catholic Church.   This was not done intentionally since Socon or Bust was never meant to be a Catholic blog per se.  However, a lot of our time has been consumed with covering Catholic scandals because they have been so important to the culture at large and the social conservative movement in particular that they simply could not be ignored.

As a consequence – and naturally so – one can start to get a little rattled about the Church’s leadership (the bishops, in particular) and, if you’re not careful, you can start to drift away from the Catholic Church.  That almost happened to me a couple of years ago.  Even now, it’s not exactly easy keeping the Calculus in your head that you are to obey the bishops, even when a good number of them are corrupt or complicit in corruption. And, please, I do not accept the baloney that we’re all just sinners, gosh darnit.  Yes, that’s true.  But, more times than not, the people uttering that phrase are just using it to side-step their own responsibility to clean up the mess.  There comes a point where every parent needs to tell their kids to cut the crap and bring down some discipline if they don’t stop it.  It’s as simple as that.  Before any bishop starts complaining about the bloggers, he should first ask himself, honestly, if there is any merit in our complaints.  I have never heard one bishop – not one – admit that the episcopacy of the Catholic Church in the West has 1) serious moral problems and 2) needs to repent. Even if we were to hear that just once, it would be a welcome confession.  But don’t your hold your breath.  They can’t even throw the Winnipeg Statement under the bus.  The only thing you’ll hear is them complaining about is LifeSiteNews, instead of DEALING WITH THE SUBSTANCE OF THE ISSUES.

Anyways, getting back to my point:  I’ll be doing a lot less “heavy blogging” in the foreseeable future and more “light blogging” because I want to focus on an area which actually edifies and strengthens my faith (i.e. Catholic Apologetics), instead of putting it in peril by following the “shucks-darn-we’re-all-just-sinners” excuses for the latest scandal in the Catholic Church.   Flop around that ghetto for too long and you will really risk losing your faith.

I’ve been working on a piece on Our Lady’s perpetual virginity for a number of years (very sporadically and only in spurts at a time).  I’m going to return to it because I found a few interesting (new) points over the past several weeks in my research which help buttress the Catholic dogma of Our Lady’s perpetual virginity.  In a time of great moral confusion and scandal, it’s important to recall why we’re Catholic in the first place.  If any of you forget, it’s because, despite what our leaders are not doing, the Church does not teach error.  And that, in the end, is what keeps me Catholic.  Not the disappointing non-action of our bishops.

p.s.  In a few days, I will be posting the results of my Access to Information request of the RCMP, concerning the March for Life.  That might be the last “heavy blogging” entry (as part of a larger series) that I compose for quite some time.  Steve G., however, will still be offering his keen and insightful posts on  a regular basis.

3 thoughts on “Rescoping

  1. Pacheco: Well said! Anyone who blogs on religious/life themes deals with both the hazards you note: obsessive demands on time and the lack of focus on our original aim. I’ve had to do the same, and I have more free time than you given your family commitments. I understand too the corrosive effect of these various scandals and infidelities, especially the scourge of heterodox clergy of all ranks. They are (usually unwitting) instruments of Satan which cleave souls away from the Body of Christ which is the Church. You are very wise to recognize this tactic on his part and are to be commended for exercising caution and prudence in your blogging.

    I just wanted to say that whatever you write will most certainly be worth reading. Your heart and mind are fired with zeal of the ‘wonderful challenge of orthodoxy’ (to quote my old friend, Fr. R. J. Neuhaus) and you are both articulate and intelligent (not always two talents found together in all bloggers). I appreciate your (and Steve’s) articles and look forward to reading more in the future.

    You have a gift for apologetics. I may not always agree with what you say, but I freely acknowledge that you say it better than most. You never fail to make me pause and consider what you offer even if to only bring to the surface the reasons why I believe what I do. You are right more than you are wrong, and even when you’re wrong (IMO), you still make me head back to the sources to ensure that what I preach, teach and believe is indeed what the Church teaches. For this I thank you.

    Fr. Tim

  2. John there are a lot of people who read your blog who will offer no comment to this announcement. Like Fr Tim I have to say that your ‘meaty’ focus has had a galvanizing effect, prompting me and motivating to seek out more. There is a certain character that Cathoics should hold in common about certain topics related to faith and morals, like a dialect. You have modeled that dialect, and in a particular way for Canadians, and thank you, and enjoy your new, hopefully more edifying, focus. I’m sure your intentions and actions won’t change, just the time you spend reporting ‘heaviness.’

    God bless you and your beautiful family.

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