Requiring Local Bishop Permission Puts D&P’s “assistance in jeopardy”

…Now, the agency partners in 70 countries will have to obtain approval from the local bishop to be found eligible for financial support from Development and Peace. This condition puts in jeopardy the assistance provided to them for many years…..(Source)

Well, that comment really says it all. If the local Catholic bishop won’t likely approve D&P’s partners, the salient question is why is Development & Peace enforcing their imperialistic views on the Catholic Church in the Global South, opposing the will of the local pro-life Catholic bishops, and ridiculously doing it under the auspices of the official Canadian CATHOLIC development and aid agency?

Have they lost their minds?  It’s time to take back “social justice” from the socialist, anti-Catholic lunatics who have been running the ministries of death in the Church for the last 40 years.

Frankly, they need to repent or get the hell out.  And frankly, if they won’t go voluntarily, they need to be pushed out.  Moreover, the episcopal limp wrists who have been steering CanChurch need to understand that the lives of unborn children are being sacrificed over the nebulous, false “unity and solidarity” garbage.

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