Reprimanded Canadian Doctor Told He May Only Perform Abortions

So, he is prohibited from practicing real medicine but he can still do abortions…do I have this right?

I mean abortions are such a safe procedure and quite harmless. No botchups there. No need for a high standard of care and professionalism.

It’s a good thing that we all have 1) a high regards for abortionists and 2) that we think the procedure is quite safe and harmless.

Otherwise, we might get the wrong impression that women who were seeking abortion aren’t really that special.

2 thoughts on “Reprimanded Canadian Doctor Told He May Only Perform Abortions

  1. These abortionists are treating the women as if they were expendable. What a disgrace for the feminists.

    This once again confirms that abortion hurts women.

  2. The living baby in the mother’s womb is a human being; the child is the product of human parents and has a totally distinct genetic code. Children in the womb are innocent because they have done nothing wrong. They deserve our protection! Only a Canadian society that has institutionalized atheism through our schools and universities could slaughter their young. Our culture is marked by atheism and ultimate meaninglessness. Our society has lost the objective basis for certainty of knowledge, and are manipulating science according to their own sociological and political desires rather than standing upon concrete objectivity.
    Citizens how long will you let this go on? How long will you pray and remain pew potatoes? According to professor Tom Lander, a Christian Culture cannot be institutionalized into Darwinian Humanist Atheist Culture through our education establishments by court enforcement and government decree, without the most serious of consequences. Most people misunderstand bias thinking, that some people are biased and some are not. Consider our education establishments where everyone is educated into the Darwinian Creation Theory or story, such a person is educated to believe there is no God. They are educated to kill unborn babies without guilt, and have recreational sex without meaning, according to Kinsey Sexology. Can these Darwinian Humanist Atheists entertain the question did God create? Of coarse they can’t. As soon as they even allow the question, they are no longer atheists. Most people here are Atheists by establishment and very easy to control. They seem to have become used to it. It took professor Tom Landers about 14 years of scientific reasoning to bring one other professor around, because they get fired for not being selectively stupid on Politically Correct issues. Will our citizens wake up from this and change our future to value reason again?

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