Reporter Pete Vere inteviews Keith Martin

“Freedom of speech is a human right,” the MP told me, on the record. He is concerned about Canada’s human rights tribunals censoring freedom of expression, the press and religion. He began looking into the issue after a number of his constituents contacted him. “There is no right not to be offended,” the MP said. He also pointed out that Canada already has laws that deal with hate crimes, as well as slander and libel. However, hate crimes and libel are different than merely offensive speech. The MP wasn’t Prime Minister Stephen Harper, or even Conservative. Despite the current high-profile cases against Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant and Alphonse de Valk, the government has been silent. No, taking the lead in defense of our traditional freedoms was Liberal MP Dr. Keith Martin, a visible minority with a strong record of promoting human rights. It’s too bad he’s also a minority among MPs when it comes to defending the fundamental right to free expression. Dr. Martin has introduced a private member’s motion to repeal the section of the Canadian Human Rights Act that is allowing a quasi-judicial government agency to censor not only the media, but the average Canadian. “This is a question of freedom of speech,” Dr. Martin said. “As a citizen of a free country, I am deeply concerned and disturbed by the fact that the bar of freedom of speech has been moved, quite significantly, in a way that is a serious violation in a serious democracy. People fought through two world wars to give us freedom of speech.” Prime Minister Harper once sounded the alarm against these government commissions acting as political censors? Where is he now? Where’s Tony Martin, our local MP, who assured us during the same-sex marriage debate that religious freedoms would be protected? Both Harper and Martin have been silent – Tony, that is, not Keith. As you can tell from this 11 minute podcast, Dr. Keith Martin has put forward a principled defense of our democratic freedom. You can download the audio here. (Source)

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