Report from the Front

Dearest Friends in Christ,

Thank you for your continued support. We have one week left and we need your continued prayers. I am sad to report –but not surprised- that there is a very strong and overt anti-Catholic/Christian message being spread here at many of the side events. We have ordained priestesses present- Catholics for Choice made a direct attack against the US Bishops -to a packed house-accusing them of manipulating the political system and harming women .  Planned Parenthood is also espousing  the general message -along with many other like minded groups- that the moral voice –especially the Catholic Church – must be eliminated and everyone will attain freedom. In their speak freedom translates into abortion and sexual rights. This is not my opinion. This is what these people are stating as fact.

My daughter attended a session where she was given a pamphlet  instructing  that sex is a ‘right’ for young people. T he pamphlet instructed that if a young person is infected with HIV sex becomes even more pleasurable once they become comfortable with their status. Plus an infected person is not obligated to report this to their partners, rather it is the partners responsibility to know the health of the sex partner.

On a positive note, my daughter was interviewed for a documentary to be shown at the UN tomorrow in Conference 1. She promotes a positive message on motherhood and shared her experience attending the sessions promoting sexual rights for minors-or young persons.

The Canadian Cabinet Minister for the Status of Women , Helena Guergis presented Canada’s General Statement. Part of the message affirmed that Canada will support Third World Nations with clean water and similar projects that will minimize or eliminate the causes for maternal mortality in Third World countries. This is a positive step in the right direction. She was hissed and booed at by  feminist Canadians in attendance-very inappropriate behavior in the gallery- quite an embarrassing face to demonstrate for member nations as Canadians- another story for another time.

I, my daughter and another young lady on our team had approximately five minutes with the minister. This is very positive because we were able to express our support and encourage the Canadian government to continue their direction to help women attain freedom, supply money to alleviate or eradicate real health issues that cause them to die in child birth and reduce infant mortality rate. She was very responsive and interactive with us. This is the fruit of your prayers.

Please do not forget about us this week. This is the week of negotiations. We need prayer at this time more than ever. 



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