Repent or Resign

The scandalous outburst of Father Tom Rosica of Salt + Light television has caused a rift in the Canadian Church.  For the good of the Church, Father Rosica should issue a full and unqualified apology for smearing the pro-life media and pro-life critics of Ted Kennedy’s public funeral mass, who have every right – indeed moral obligation – to question such a scandalous act, with vigour and even with acrimony.

If Fr. Rosica wants sufficient evidence of the scandal that Ted Kennedy’s public funeral has caused, he need only read the hundreds of comments of mostly negative albeit restrained reaction to his caluminous blog posting on Salt + Light’s own website

Far from the asinine straw man which supporters of the public funeral try to erect, the vast majority of negative reaction has been remarkably civil, considering the gravity of the controversy which faces us.  Unfortunately, for some of these “yes men” in the O’Malley camp, they are more concerned about being called a “bad name”, then waking up from their severe lapse of judgement to realize just what has precipitated such an understandable reaction of frustration and just anger.

Critics sometimes get a bad rap from the establishment, but the reader should well understand and appreciate that without lay involvement in exposing the Catholic Church’s pedophilia sex scandal, or the sexual exploits of the founder of the Legionnaires of Christ, Father Maciel, or the abortion scandal of Development & Peace, just where exactly would the Church be? 

Living a lie and wallowing in the filthy mud, that’s where. 

If Fr. Rosica cannot bring himself to apologize, then he should resign his position immediately. Obviously, the CEO of Salt + Light TV cannot be a person who is a painful source of division and resentment in the Church.  There is also the TV Station’s future financial viability at stake given his poor witness among Salt + Light’s largely pro-life viewership which is surely now to decline, his now problematic association with the Canadian bishops as a source of that division, other associations Salt + Light has built up during the years with other Catholic groups, and many other such issues.

If Father Rosica insists on maintaining his position, he can be sure of a very rough ride for the remainder of his term at Salt + Light.  It’s not going to be a pretty sight.  There has been much damage already to Salt + Light’s credibility from this wild outburst, as well as the pathetic and comical coverage of D&P’s abortion scandal.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg at Salt + Light, which, far from being our “Channel of Hope”, should instead first concentrate on being a channel of fidelity and truth.  

Unfortunately, there will be much, much more damage inflicted.  These very necessary criticisms that could tarnish Salt + Light’s credibility is but a pale comparison to the scandalous protocol that Fr. Rosica and his constituency in the Church wants to maintain. That scandalous protocol at church related public events (at our universities and churches) propagates the impression (and not just the impression but the sad reality) that the Church is tolerant of abortion and other grievous sins in its pastoral practice.

That must stop.   And it will stop.   Either with that wing of the Church….or without it.

Were Father Rosica as patient and kind to those who sacrifice for the unborn every day, as he was with Dalton McGuinty, who, sitting across from him on his TV set, proudly declared his support for abortion and gay marriage.  Father Rosica has a very distorted view of compassion and tolerance.

For the good of the Church, Father Rosica must either repent or move on.

4 thoughts on “Repent or Resign

  1. “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious.” ~ Fulton Sheen

  2. The message being broadcast from this Ted Kennedy’s funeral was that Catholic politicians can literally get away with murder and still receive a hero’s treatment.

    For decades, Catholic politicians have been given “carte blanche” to act as they please without being challenged. The spectacle of Kennedy’s funeral, presided by a Cardinal, was a godsend for pro-abortion Catholic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi. It confirms that the Church has renewed their carte blanche and that they can continue their pro-abortion work with impunity.

    I can’t believe that Fr. Rosica endorses this.

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