Repent or Bust

I’m hearing that the Catholic Bishops want prayers for the Church here in Canada.

But before we pray, we have to ask the question: just how many other gay porn predators are there in the Canadian episcopacy?  That’s a legitimate question, is it not?  I don’t drink the Koolaid. I stopped drinking the Koolaid long ago. And I’ll tell you this:  I’ve long had my suspicions.  And if I get a evidential whiff of sex abuse by any priest or bishop?  They’re finished.  Call it my little Inquisition.

If you’re in the truth and in the light, you’ll have nothing to fear from me. But if you’re hiding something heinous and you’re a priest or a bishop? I’m coming after you with everything that I’ve got. I’ve had some limited success too in these sorts of investigative things

We’re going to pray, all right, but not for the result that they are looking for.  Instead, we’re going to pray that God purifies this church and crushes the infidelity within it. This won’t be some love-in “spare the bishop pain and bring him peace” prayer.

The hell with that. 

This will be “a conviction prayer”…as in “”Lord, let them stop wringing their hands and crying to heaven “why me?” and let them start acting like true shepherds and start cleaning up the filth in the Church, and let them clue in to what that filth truly is.”

Let them begin with the Winnipeg Statement which promoted contraception which in turn fueled the porn industry.  As I have said, if there is no contraception, there is no porn and there is no sodomy either.

Bring the fire and purify us all, O Lord!  Humiliate us. Bring us to our knees. And keep us there for a good long time until the arrogance and the pride – every last drop of it – is drained out of us.

There won’t be anymore whitewash or cover-up that there have been in the past with other issues.  The lies, the obfuscations, the distortions.  The harlotry of not defending the integrity of the Blessed Sacrament. All of that is over…or at least our toleration of it.

The bishops have to face up to their responsiblities, instead of acting like the spiritual and moral deliquents they have been these past 40 years…permitting and encouraging dissent…acting like cowards and letting the wolves into destroy us…and engaging in ecclesiastical contraception from Rome since Humanae Vitae.

Pastors who lack foresight hesitate to say openly what is right because they fear losing the favor of men. As the voice of truth tells us, such leaders are not zealous pastors who protect their flocks, rather they are like mercenaries who flee by taking refuge in silence when the wolf appears… When a pastor has been afraid to assert what is right, has he not turned his back and fled by remaining silent? —St. Gregory the Great, Liturgy of the Hours, Vol IV, p. 342-343

What’s happening isn’t a bad thing!  By no means!  It’s a great mercy of God to allow all of this to come out into the open to humiliate the Church here in Canada.  The real scandal was happening under the cover of darkness, a darkness that our leaders kept us under. THAT was the problem. Now the light has shone.

And I’ll tell you another thing, dear readers:  the wicked pride of this episcopacy is so dense, so thick that it will require much more revelation and humiliation to bring it to its knees and move this Church to repentance.

But by God’s Holy Will, let us pray that it comes..and that the hammer falls hard…and fast.

And let us pray that (PLEASE, PLEASE!) the faithful are spared announcements regarding communication directors, re-organizations, re-shuffling, and  recycling.

Until now, the bishops of this country have been going for every “R” word in the dictionary, except the one that matters the most.

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