Repackaging the Tribunal

Canonist Ed Peters has a great column here on re-inventing the wheel.   One simply cannot get around the fact that, unless the Church wants to gut justice and due process, there is simply very little one can meaningfully do to reform the annulment process without causing a major injustice or a lot more bureaucracy shifted to the diocesan bishop or Rome.

The best approach to deciding marriage cases is the one we have right now.  The problem is not the annulment process. The problem rests with our culture and the Catholics in it who, by and large, refuse to be obedient to Jesus…as hard as that is sometimes.   Jesus is not very sexually correct in our sexually correct world.  That is the substance of the problem, and it is a problem that the Church is refusing to deal with…because that would mean a full fledged catechesis on marriage and sex and the purpose of both.  The Canadian bishops can’t get past the Winnipeg Statement for heaven’s sake.  And we think that a quicky annulment is going to solve the great angst among the deceived people?  It’s a fake solution which offers very little in terms of truth.

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