Religious Liberty is the first to go in Totalitarian States

“…Religious freedom is the first liberty, without which all other liberties are fragile. That is why from the Magna Carta to the American Bill of Rights, to our own Charter of Rights, religious liberty is the first liberty recognized. Pope Benedict wrote in his message: “Religious freedom … cannot be denied without at the same time encroaching on all fundamental rights and freedoms, since it is their synthesis and keystone. It is the litmus test for the respect of all the other human rights.”…(Source)

Religious liberty is usually the first to go in a totalitarian state because it publicly opposes the moral and spiritual corruption of the Jackboots when they try to impose laws which are against human dignity.  Take a look at any totalitarian state and the first thing they try to muzzle and control is religion. Religious liberty is the sandpaper that the thugs don’t like.  It’s the first liberty that makes other freedoms possible.

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