Religious intolerance among Canadian politicians

Ezra Levant, who happens to be a Jew, nonetheless stands up for Catholics when they get unjustly bashed.  He wrote a great piece in the National Post a couple of weeks ago.  Here’s an excerpt concerning the Intolerant in Chief, Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Québécois:

A reporter asked Mr. Duceppe if he wasn’t being “a little McCarthyite”; Mr. Duceppe brushed off the accusation and went further: Opus Dei members should not be allowed to participate in political life — even as volunteers — if they identify “as a group.”

Stop for a moment and try that sentence out again, substituting the words “gay” or “Jewish” for “Opus Dei members.” Jews shouldn’t be allowed in politics if they “identify as a group.” Sikhs shouldn’t be allowed in politics “if they identify as a group.” How does it feel? (Source)

Mr. Duceppe and those that think like him are engaging in a sort of “political eugenics”, whereby only certain people in society are worthy of holding office.  The rest have to ride at the back of the bus, so to speak.  This is more than ironic coming from a separatist Quebecker, because the rise in nationalism in Quebec was historically driven by unjust repression and discrimination by English Canada against francophones and Catholics.  Now that the victims have been released from discrimination, they feel the need to do some discriminating of their own.  They’re no better than the oppressors of their ancestors, who would be ashamed of them.

One thought on “Religious intolerance among Canadian politicians

  1. Good for Ezra. We should also study how these same liberal minded politicians vote on Bills passed into Law in Parliament. Perhaps then the pew potato’s would stop electing these.

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