Religion is what binds us and irreligion will destroy us

Nevertheless Pera has made common cause with the Pope because he is convinced that Europe cannot survive as a free and democratic society without recognizing its cultural roots in Christianity. The history of Europe is inextricably entwined with the history of Catholicism, he argues, and to love Europe means to admire the Catholic faith. The Church is not without flaws, he concedes:

But in the end, how can we fail to see that without the Catholic Church, Europe would have disappeared not once but countless times, and the West would have lost its civilization.…How can we fail to realize that when other institutions, parties, movements, or systems—political, philosophical, juridical, economics—are in error, they simply cease to attract adherents or they disappear, but when the church errs, its very errors exalt the grandeur of its message, the noncontingent value of its words, and the spiritual reality to which it bears witness?

Because of their disparate interests and their well-established tendency to quarrel among themselves, Pope John Paul insisted, the nations of Europe could not form a stable union unless it was based on some fundamental principles. The Christian moral tradition furnishes such a stable foundation, he pointed out; economic interests do not. The late Pontiff warned that a European Union based on nothing more permanent than shifting economic interests would soon collapse. Less than a decade later, his prediction may already be coming true….(Source)

Exactly.  I’ve been saying the same thing about Canada and western civilization in general.  If you are tied by only “economic interests”, just what happens when your country or “continental union” falls on hard times?  I’ll tell you what happens, because it’s the same thing that happens within marriages:  splitsville i.e. divorce. That’s exactly what is happening with the European Union and Greece right now. Germany is making plans to kick Greece to the curb.  Just like in modern marriages today, it follows the same solemn promise:  “I promise to honour you during the good times.  Bad times? Not so much.”

A civilization must be based on substance and principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and transcendance.  For the West, there is only one place for that and that is Christianity and Catholicism in particular.  When the tough times hit, we pull together as brothers and sisters in THE FAITH, but if you don’t have the Faith, then it’s everyone for themselves…as we are sadly seeing in Europe.  The only way that the European Union can stay together is if the wealthier countries are willing to sacrifice for the poorer ones, but that’s not likely to happen, is it?  And why is that?   Because modern man hates sacrificing for the good of the other (which is why it hates what the Catholic Church teaches).  And why is that?  Because they see no point in sacrificing for another country of people who are indulgent brats like they, themselves, are.  Paying someone else’s bills doesn’t really benefit them in this life, and for them, this life is all there is.  If you try and build a society and civilization on money without absolute principles which God has revealed to us, it’s going to collapse. It might take a few decades, but it does eventually happen.

One thought on “Religion is what binds us and irreligion will destroy us

  1. Religion binds us.That’s why I make sign of cross before eating my lunch, in restaurants,alone or with others who don’t.I started a yearly May procession outside, with Mary crowning in church. I pray weekly at Mary statue and hang sign “Whether glad,sad or wary, pause a while,say a Hail Mary” Every church should have a cross or holy statue outside, for people to say a prayer.Receive H.Communion on tongue, not in hand. Kneel for Consecration,if necessary on the floor. Catholics, where are you ? Talk, fine; but start to act in public ! Evangelize by example !

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