Reinventing the Rose

When Anna Wells, a slightly reckless and very restless Newfoundland painter, has unprotected sex on the most fertile day in her cycle, neglects to take a morning-after pill and then discovers herself to be pregnant by her feckless, on-and-off lover, Dr. Kevin Prowse, a St. John’s gynecologist, she decides to have the baby despite his misgivings. Embracing a new sense of herself as a single mother, and new possibilities for her art, Anna breaks away from Kevin and buys a house in the outport of Bareneed. (She’s obviously not read Harvey’s most popular book, The Town That Forgot How to Breathe, or she’d know that Bareneed is the last place on Earth she ought to be if she’s looking for a happy outcome to anything.) Fearing that he might eventually be sued for child support, Kevin sues Anna for return of his “property” – he wants the provincial justice system to force Anna to have an abortion. (Source)

Abortion — now mainstream drama.

One thought on “Reinventing the Rose

  1. Fascinating stuff, although the author screwed up if he thinks there is any legal limit to abortions in Canada. There ain’t. Abortion is legal even during labour.

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