Regional upheaval

What the heck is happening?

Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Palestinian Territories… All these countries are experiencing political crises. Dictators are being ousted, regimes toppled, riots in the streets.

Let’s pray for peace.

Follow the chronology of the tumultuous start to 2011 using this nifty interactive timeline from the Wall Street Journal.

2 thoughts on “Regional upheaval

  1. Iran is an example of what happens when the Islamic Imams take over a nation. Muslim nations are religious people who mistreat Arabs who are not Muslims by decree.

  2. Other bloggers on the scene like The Catholic Knight and Mark Mallett think this is the start to the “Great/Minor Chastizement” before the period of peace, then the period of the Antichrist, and finally the 2nd Coming.

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